FR-1 Viper flywheel revolver FTW system foam blaster

by BigTendies May 10, 2019
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Is there any chance of getting CAD files?

Sorry, I have no plans of sharing those files right now.

Hey BigTendies I Just finished acquiring all the parts required to start assembling this blaster. I am a little confused on the wiring of it though, especially the inverted switch. Could you perhaps send me a wiring diagram that can show me how I have to hook up everything? Thank you,
Avery Cohen

I have somewhat of a quick wiring diagram in my make that I added for this, maybe that will help.

Dumb question number 2: Would a larger nozzle size help with print times? I'm thinking of swapping the 0.4 for a 0.8 nozzle. Would that work? I've worked with the bigger nozzles for structural stuff before but never anything detailed. I'd probably do the mechanical things like the cam and drums on the smaller nozzle though.

Never really tried large nozzles myself so I'm not sure how it would turn out. Most likely you will need to spend a lot more time sanding to even out all the moving parts, so I probably wouldn't recommend it.

I was really only thinking of using it for the biggest stuff like the shells and such. I'll give it a go later this week maybe and report back.

Where can I buy the motor screws that are needed

Use M2 screws that are between 3 to 5mm long. You can get that at a lot of hardware stores or websites. Make sure that they have a thread of 0.4mm.

Sweet my local hardware store has a great selection of "M" screws. Starting this today! Thanks for sharing!

It would be useful to know where you are in order to answer that question, you'll get a different answer if you live in the UK than you would in USA

I just got around to the final assembly. What are the screw holes on the top of the nose for? I get that the ones on the bottom are for the picatinny rail.

They're for fixing nose top to nose bottom

Need a snub nose variant

That's possible.

Hi about the switch, can a 16A microswitch work, or do i really need a 21A ?

Probably not. Switches burning out is somewhat unheard of, especially if you use honeybadgers.

If you guys are looking for some building instructions, I've posted my make of the Viper with all the links of things I bought and tips I got when assembling it. Check it out! https://www.thingiverse.com/make:661453

FR-1 Viper flywheel revolver FTW system foam blaster

Are all parts in printing orientation?

No, you will need to reorient them flat.

Sounds good. I'll probably print at 0.05mm layer height then.

Just one more question - is there a battery door or do I need to take off part of the shell to get at the compartment?

Print at whatever layer height provided your nozzle can support it. The battery hides behind the grip panels. You only need to remove one screw to get to them.

Great. Just great.
Now I'm stuck between building this or the MHP Pigeon.

This is so great :)

Could anyone give a list or links (aliexpress) for the components needed like the exact motors, flywheels, switch and battery that will fit into that model?

Sorry to bother again, but do you have some links especially for the motors and battery?

Thanks a lot.
Never build a blaster before, but this one really triggers me to do so :)

Just a fair warning, you will need some patience to get the internals sanded down right.

Great wire management! Would you mind if I added the second pic to the download page so that it helps people sort their wires out?

Might be a dumb question but how did you end up printing the cam? My supports never turn out great.

I printed it vertically with the flat part on the bottom. Sometimes Cura doesn't want to generate tree supports on thin edges, so try regular supports.

Would it be possible to add an image showing the various pieces of hardware required for the build, I think it could be useful for those of us less familiar with springs/screws etc to be able to see what we need to purchase and help ensure we are getting the correct things?

Good idea. I might do that when I'm back home on Friday. I'm planning to update the files to be oriented in the intended printing direction

Excellent, any way to remove potential ambiguity is appreciated. I've rewired many a blaster etc but I had no knowledge of nuts/bolts/screws before looking for parts for this and the Gryphon and I don't mind admitting I got myself a little confused.

Until then, searching for "M2.5 Philips head self tapping" should get you what you need. In total, about 15 screws are needed.

can you please design a version of this with the barrel on the bottom? That would make it very easy to custom build a lot of destiny hand canons or other similar designs.

Moving the barrel below isn't exactly as simple as flipping the mech and cage assembly, and I have other projects in the works, however, it's not impossible that I'll get around to making it.

Just awesome! What kind of hardware do you use? Cause I come from the Netherlands

Hi Dennis, fancy meeting you here :D I think we will be building these thins mostly in parallel, do tell if you find a good source for some of the parts.

Hey! The hardware list is provided down below. I'm from Europe as well, so sourcing it all should not be an issue.

Can you suggest what battery packs have fit in testing? Will a pack for something like an MHP Pigeon fit?

Most 35x70x17mm or similar batteries should fit.


woweewowee i can't wait to print this thing!

edit: oh, its way beyond my building skills at the moment :(

If you want something more simple to start off, I'd suggest checking out some builds by Meaker!

thanks i will check those out too.... but now i've got my heart set on this bad boy! it will fit perfectly under my desk at work.

really amazing - ill probably wait till the etsy hardware package is available though so I know I'm getting the right parts, and then just have to do a lot of research (and learn how to solder).

Yes, the motors need to be soldered on pretty well.

yep, i'll figure it out im sure.....main issue now is even finding the hardware, i just looked online to try to find a honeybadger 3s and couldn't even find it, and only found like one place with a 2s and they were sold out. i don't know enough about them to know what can be used as a substitute (if any). when you do get your hardware package up for sale, do you have an idea of what it may cost (incl. shipping) to get to the east coast of the US (assuming you ship there) since you're in Europe?

Try Outofdarts.com. His shop caries honeybadgers and they're almost never out of stock.

That is because HB's are intended for use with 2s batteries but many people overvolt it with a 3s battery. It reduces the motor lifespan quite a bit but gives better performance.

Also, I'm not really going to be selling any of these and my friends at FTW are the ones who will be selling them. Not sure if they are planning to sell hardware kits though but I'm sure that someone will pop up eventually.

Cool, thank you for the info! I'll make sure to post my make if I'm able to do one

And sorry, one last question: do you have any plans to create a pdf with assembly instructions at any point?

Do you think it's a necessity?

haha probably not for most people! i'm sure i'll be fine, been looking through the instructions again while sourcing parts, and i have a guy on my prusa discord who is a nerf blaster afficianado, and he has agreed to help me out! was just curious ;)