Ender 3 - Cable Chain upgrade bracket mount - Extruder and Hotend - filament_guide

by djuanmurcia May 11, 2019
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how many chains are needed between the motor for the filament and the nozzle?

I use between 16 / 17

is the green part your version of the attachment to the hotend?

Yes, it's the one I'm using on both machines and it's going great

hello there! I was locking to do a remix with your cable chain mount and an diferent filament guide, wold you send me the original 3d model? its hard to work with STL files :S
thanks ! :D

See if with the .obj files that I just added to see if they are worth
If you have an ender 3 Try to print a design of mine you will not regret it ^_^

If you do not let me know that I have the design in Tinkercad

hello. thanks but it as the same problem as the STL files, when I open it in fusion 360 its just an object made of triangles that I cant even convert to mesh because fusion 360 says its too many triangles :S

Try these me if I can open in fusion 360 download them in the link
1a -- https://a360.co/2Rn0DnJ
2b -- https://a360.co/2RoItBS
3b -- https://a360.co/2IsAT6w

I dont think it works :S all of the formats I try always open as triangle object like the STL files :S the only way must be using tinkercad, maybe it is not compatible with other softwares? :S
is it possible to share tinkercad files?

How do you have it attaching to your Hotend?

Hello friend I am using this with the side design

Hot end chain bracket for CR-10 / CR-10S / Ender 3

Could you make a small video on how to mount it or a text based tutorial maybe just pictures? Some sort of documentation would be really useful.

Hello right now I have it all set up perfect, it is very easy to assemble you updated the guide to see if they clarify the doubts.

Thanks, the pictures helped me a lot!