Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

HexaDecibel | Anycubic Linear Plus Acrylic Enclosure

by kelvinA May 12, 2019
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"Not too bad" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y17KxtMmVs)

joking... awsome job!

Tell me, where did you hide PSU? I don't see any hangers, or mount.


It's (the psu) on the back. The groves are modelled after the 2020 extrusions, so you can use the same mount bracket to mount the PSU as you would have to the extrusion.

Thx Kelvin! Will share results... Well done!

Wow, great design! Thank you for sharing.

Really nice design!

I plan on building this for my Anycubic Kossel Plus Linear (whatever it's called now).

Could you please update the print list for me?
I am confused how many of which tiles I should print because the naming in your list is not the exact same as the files:

3 Bottom Tiles and 3 Top Tiles
2 Bottom Tile Top and 1 Front Bottom Til

The files are called

Thanks for your help!

In addition:


"Top Corner Front" & "Bottom Corner Front" have to be printed standard once and mirrored once.

How is the progress on the filtration system? :D

Ok finished naming them.


I just finished printing the feet. I need to wait for more filament to come before I can run the parts on all of my printers.

Have you finished the enclosure?

No, it's not finished but I hope it will be soon - at least the printed parts.

Comments deleted.

"how is the progress on the filtration system?" - None existent because I'm currently trying to fix up my linear. I'm like #thisclose. The spool holder is going to come before the filtration system as if I did the latter first, I won't have anywhere for the spool to go.

I'll get onto making sure that the names match up. Thanks for the heads up.

Comments deleted.

just about the best looking delta enclosure I've seen

Thanks for the comment.

I have tried to design/build such an enclosure in the past for my Kossel - but this one also looks amazing - Real nice work!

Brilliant design! It reminds me of something from the Halo video games more than something containing a 3D printer :D It would probably look amazing with some RGB LEDs.

I noticed that the design calls for a HEPA filter, but did not see how it is mounted is that part of the work in progress?

Yeah. It's currently in the works. I'm going to start on the holder first so that I still have a location to mount filament while I print the HEPA filter.

I love you design! Im printing it now... Lots of parts! Printer is busy for a while.
Quick question - Shouldn't there be a mirror version of bottom corner front and top corner front?

That's awesome!

Yes. The front corners are supposed to be mirrored, as well as the front beams.

Front beams too? Don't think I caught that one... Ohh well, I will see when I start assembling all the pierces. :-)

Luckily front beams can just be turned around.. no need to mirror them :)

Nice! I've been thinking about enclosing my setup so I'm excited to see how this comes along!