Mini DVD Motor 3d Printer

by MegaAndy May 12, 2019
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This is a very nice design! I've got some DVD drives lying around, I might do this, but with a laser instead of extruder.

This might make the carriage slide a little easier if not using bushes. Just waiting for some parts from China.

I found these same stepper motors as yours with slider blocks for a little over $4 AU on Aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pcs-4-6V-DC-2-Phase-4-Wire-Micro-Stepper-Motor-With-Slider-Dia15MM-Rod-50MM/33017339104.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.dd004c4dTFD5yX.
These sliders will last longer than the printed ones, so when i get a chance I will modify the carriages to suit. Where can i download your extruder setup for the pancake nema you have set up??

Oh nice find! Other than the already attached slider they look like the same build as the ones I used in this too.

I might also install brass bushes as well for smoothness, they are dirt cheap. Good work mate !!!!!

That would be a good idea actually, the tolerance of the holes for the smooth rods is a bit of a pain. Too tight and it overworks the motors to move, too loose and it allows slight rotation on the axis when changing direction.

Have you got the original Z-Axis file, I would like to try that one with the brass bushes before using the extended one. Also what extruder are you using?? Thanks again!

I should still have the file, I will have a look when at my PC this evening . The extruder motor is a clone e3d titan motor, you can see it on the third photo. Also the hotend / heartbreak is just a clone e3d v6

Thanks for reply. I wanted to extend the Z plate from your original, but extend it towards the bottom of the plate. I can still use your extended Z carriage, just flip it over!

Here's the Z Carriage before I extended it

Thanks, do you have the original Z-Plate stl as well. That is the one I am going to modify. I have started printing the other parts :)

Here you go, sounds like you have your work cut out with all the mods you want to make

Thanks mate, will keep you in the loop.

Hey, what is The Vref you used ?

I'll have to check when I can. I set it to about 0.2 then just fiddled based on how hot they were getting . So they are a bit higher than 0.2 I think

Hi I would really like to build this printer, but I would like to know what dvd drive you used, because I dont want to run into compatibility issues that you are talking about and also because I just opened one dvd drive and it had completely different mechanism. And do you think that I can use arduino mega + ramps 1.4 on its own instead of buying the mks gen l, because mks gen l is more expensive in my country than if I buy the boards seperately and build it myself.

So I just went trough every single pc in my house and found 3 dvd drives from LG that have the same leadscrew as you are using, so for anyone wondering which dvd drive to get, look for LG dvd drives.

Great, please do share if you get anywhere with it! I think one was Sony and one was lite on but I have no idea if there are proper standards or if there will be lots of different ones. Also I am sure the design can have small changes to fit different motors as long as it's not completely different.

I chose to design it with the MKS GEN L purely for price and size. There is nothing special about it so other boards would just need mounting slightly differently and probably some changes to marlin config before flashing. I expect all that needs doing on the config is selecting the right board.

I sure will share the project once I am done with it. For now i have to order some parts and remodel the holes for mounting the motors.

Very impressive design. I'd love to see a YouTube video of it running. Seems to be perfectly suited to Octoprint running on a pi zero...

I will Probably get something on Youtube soon, in the meantime, there's a video on this Reddit post i made (It's the second Imgur image)