H2O Rocket (Fully 3D Printable Launcher)

by Superbeasti May 12, 2019
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Can you detail the assembly for the non-return valve?

Hi! Sorry, which valve you refer to?

I meant the connection of the presta valve and the launcher. Can the water get into the pump?

Only in the beginning, when the rocket has unpressurized water in it. And even then, only if the pump is lower than the water level. When you apply pressure, the presta keeps the water in.

I saw this and I printed it. First print is in PLA and with 10% infill. I wanted to check the fit of everything before printing solid. Plus I could not wait. I'll test the PLA parts as is and see how much psi it will hold before it fails. I am sure it wont hold much.
Parts are well designed and fit together very easily.

I've gone to around 90psi, which I found is round about the point for PETG bottles to start exploding... Curious to see your results!

So far, the max pressure the seal will hold is 65 psi. More will just blow the seal out of the seat. I will print a more snug pin to and see how much more I can go. I did about 20 launches on 60 psi no issues.
I am using a 2 liter bottle.

what is the pressure valve used?

The one in the animation is a tubeless bicycle valve, but the Inlets use printable Schrader valves.