Google Pixel 3a Case

by jpickens May 13, 2019
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such a cool case are you able to make it fro the 3 as well

I don't own a Pixel 3 to use for adapting the model. If you have one you could modify the OpenScad files yourself!

For anyone wanting a bit more protection for the camera, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3668230.
It is glued to the back of this case.

Pixel 3a case with camera shield

Very nice, it fits just right. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Are you able to make a Pixel 3a XL version? Thanks a ton!

Very nice, the bottom seems a bit thin and case seems a bit small- very tight fit, but overall it's outstanding

It also works with generic PLA

It is tight, made for stretching flexible filaments. I have another version, even thinner, for PLA.
And another version with an open top cutout for the switches, and an enlarged USB C opening to fit more power adapters.
I'll probably post them up tomorrow.

where can I get the STL for the PLA phone case?

The thinner PLA compatible STL is the one with "Final" the name in these thing files. Just click on thing files, and you'll find it

Also, you thought the bottom was thin? It's deeper than the camera extends below the body.
My 0.2mm layer print is four layers thick at the bottom. With my thicker 0.3mm first layer, I'm getting 0.9mm bottom thickness.
Is this not strong enough to work? I'm asking seriously, I'd like to know what people prefer.

And, with the Openscad file, it's easy to make it thicker, just increase the shell linear extrude thickness from 0.01 mm to that plus whatever thickness you'd like to add. Minkowski function is amazing for stuff like this.

Any chance you could upload a reference model for the 3a? I'm working on a case for the pixel that is thinner and can use harder filaments for a folio-style case, but I am terrible with openSCAD so I wasn't able to extract a reference shape of the pixel 3a from your file.

If you open the .scad file, the module "pixelbody" is the model of the phone. I didn't model the buttons and holes in the body.
The modules such as "switches" are the oversized cutouts for the items.

Thanks! I managed to get the file out with that. I'll be sure to remix from your design as credit!

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Thanks for testing out this design so quickly!

For the cutout at the side buttons, I did try putting a separation piece in there, but it hindered access to the buttons.
On my print, I just trimmed off the thin section over the buttons, leaving a gap. Seems to work OK.

On your print, the side walls of the cover are lower than the screen?
I set the top edge 0.5mm above the screen surface. On my case, if you lay a straight edge across the phone, it rests on the case edges, leaving a gap over the screen. Perhaps your printer is printing slightly undersized? Could explain your corner issues also.

Maybe try printing at 102% scale?
There is also a section in my Openscad file to subtract a flat cube bigger than the outer case from the case. This forms the flat top case edge.
You can increase the Z position of that cube to raise the case edge for increased screen protection.

It's this line:

  translate([0,0,7])cube([80,160,5],center=true);//cutoff top

Just increase the translate distance from 7 to 7.5 to make the sides 0.5mm taller.