LaserCut - candle arch - Schwibbogen Schmiede

by jtronics Dec 1, 2012
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Why put a password on the circuit ? if you want to edit it , then what is the point spread them if they put passwords !

Sorry, but I don't sell this circuit in my shop.
All Information to the flame flicker circuit you can find under https://github.com/jtronics/LEDcandlehttps://github.com/jtronics/LE.... 

I made one out of matte board and it turned out nice. I redid a lot of the file in Illustrator and eliminated a lot of little parts I couldn't find a use for. I've got some electronics on order, like a Tiny85 to get the lighting  down. But for cheap lighting effect I went to target and got led candles and stripped them out of their cases and poked them up through the matte board bottom. 

I made one but I forgot to peel the product label off the plywood before cutting, and I don't plan to light it, so the enclosure didn't get added. I made a small version that's about 100mm long.

Do you sell the flame flicker circuit? I see on your website you have a store but can't find the flicker circuit. this is awesome by the way!


Is this really 1mm ply? That seems really thin. I have a buch of 3mm but will have to search for a supplier of 1mm if that is the thickness used.

The files called schmiede_original are the lager versions of the candle arch.
The files called "schmiede.cdr" and "schmiede_old_cdr_version.cdr" are the newer  and smaller versions of the candle arch. (like on the pictures)

I have added an older file version of coreldraw, named "schmiede_old_cdr_version".

the best file is schmiede.pdf

i cant open schmiede.cdr ??!

Very nice design.
I can't get schmiede.cdr to open in Coreldraw X5, is it different to schmide_original.cdr ?

Thanks for sharing your great model designs.