Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

The ScatterShot MKII

by AnUndeadDude May 19, 2019
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Will this be getting a V3?

Have TyrXIII's issues been solved?

Tried my damndest to get this to work, ended up in pieces on my shop floor. It will not feed. I had to modify the files just to get it to catch. Definitely should be listed as a WIP. 130+ hours of printing and at least $30 in filament down the drain

I am sorry to hear that it is not working for you. I released this version when I had gotten to the point where my print of this was operating without issue which is why it is not listed as WIP, however I will change it to WIP until these issues are sorted. To address your specific issues, the only part that should be modified to get the blaster catching is the length of the spring retainer pipe, the length is dependent on the fully compressed length of the main spring you use, and secondly the amount of foam padding used on the plunger head needs to be increased the more powerful the main spring you use in order to get full prime draw, which files did you modify to get it to catch? Secondly, not feeding, what exactly is happening when you try and prime the blaster? is the the breach lining up with the darts ? what darts are you using, how tight are they in the breach, is the the pump grip moveing the full length of the upper slot when priming?

First I did have to lengthen the plunger pipe by 2mm. Even though it fit the spring and caught outside of the blaster, once I put the grip in it would no longer catch. I tried more foam but that only created a temporary solution, once the foam compressed enough, it wouldn't catch again. Next I had to ditch the pegs under the grip as even with weak springs, they just bound up the entire cycle and made priming a nightmare. If anything, you really only need one slot to keep the grip forward when primed. As for feeding, that's a whole other ball of wax. Worker darts wont feed. The edges of the foam get caught on the breech and the whole dart rolls over causing a jamb that, because there's no way to clear the breech, requires you to pull the blaster apart to get the dart out. ACC darts would make it into the breech no problem, but the design the pusher doesn't push them far enough into the breech. So when you slide the grip forward, the breech bends the darts in half, causing yet another jamb that required an entire tear down to clear. The mag itself also has issues, primarily that the mag release tab is so short and close to the body of the blaster that most of the time it doesn't engage the tiny slot on the mag and the mag will drop out on its own.

I highly recommend a redesign of the breech because as of now, you cannot clear a jam. The mag side could use a bevel to make feeding workers possible. I also feel it should be mechanically driven and not rely on an extension spring (which was the biggest pain in the ass of the entire project). The pushers need to be taller, and thicker, to drive the darts further into the breech. As well, the pegs that interface with the grip channels need to be much bigger overall as they will sheer off if you do get a jam. The throat needs to be bigger to prevent darts from getting caught while the breech block returns forward. Finally, as stated, the mag catch and release really needs a ground up redesign.

Thank you for your feedback, it will take these suggestions into consideration.

Wow, this is super cool! Is there a parts list/build guide anywhere yet?

There is a pdf with a full build guide and parts list for download along side the STLs

Ah, thank you! I might just add this to my building bucket list :)

If you do, be sure to post your make!