Kontinuum Glide. The 3D-printable glidecam

by KontinuumLAB Dec 2, 2012
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anyone got test footage?

I like this and am highly interested in making one for myself but the pictures you have for it are just awful. There are none that show a good overall view, only too close up for any good, or demonstration videos.

Hello :)
I'm interesting in printing a glide-cam, but actually I have just my Up!Mini, with its 12cm3...
Could you upload individual pieces, allowing me to print it?

And is the MKII still in development?

Thanks for your work :)

I like this very much!
Waiting for the second version! Kontinuum Glide MII
Thank you

This is superb!

Any idea why the .stl files are roughly 110 times larger than they should be? I'm using Autodesk Inventor. The larger parts are generally 11,000+ mm across. I checked the hole diameter for the aluminum pipe on the first version of the Sfere, and it's at 2766 mm. I'll try dl'ing again.

This is a great piece of work :) When do you think will the Mark II be ready to release? I am looking forward to it, can't wait any longer!

There's an upgrade for this now, which solves the panning issues.
It represents the first step towards the Kontinuum Glide MII, and it will be the last upgrade to the MI.

Kontinuum Glide MKI - Upgrade for the central gimbal

Hi, I think this is a great project! I'm just about to get this sent off to get printed, i was just wondering on the progress on MKII, is it coming soon or should i crack on with this one? Thanks!

Thanks :-)
The MKII will be a while yet before it's ready.
However: The most important change will be the central rotary axis, which will be a single, or possibly double bearing solution, and which should fix the panning problems (The panning really sucks to be honest, and it's eminently frustrating, considering that everything else works beautifully)
I plan to test this on the MKI and publish it as an update, so you might want to hang on for that.

It'll be at least a couple of weeks before I publish the update though. There's something else cooking in the Kontinuum Workshop right now. A programmable, Arduino controlled, telescopic, 3d-printed camera slide which you will definitely want to see....
Check in for more on that these next couple of weeks.

Quick question, as i don't have a 3D printer at home I'm getting a company to print it for me. They have said they would recommend Nylon SLS for this, would the files still function when printed in Nylon SLS? Thanks

That's great news, i think it's worth holding on for the update to MKI before i get started then. Thanks very much!

The upgrade's here!!

I was looking through the original model while I made this, and I have to tell you, before you send stuff off to print, that the MKI is kind of rough around the edges.
To use the upgrade, and even to put the MKI together in the first place, you will need to take a stanley knife to your beautiful, professional, (expensive?) prints in several places.

This won't be an issue with the MKII, just saying ;-)

Kontinuum Glide MKI - Upgrade for the central gimbal

Just got the bearings in the mail, and they're perfect.
I'll get to work on the update ASAP.

About the nylon. The tolerances of the stl files would probably work fine. They work on my Prusa with a rather crude 0.5mm nozzle.

I don't know the exact properties of the nylon or the strength of pieces made with the SLS process (Selective Laser Sintering), so I really can't say how strong it would be. I guess if these guys are telling you it's stronger than ABS, and it's not stupidly expensive, I say go for it.
I'd love to hear how it works out.

Are you sure about the m8 hardware for the outer gimbal?

I've got the outer gimbal ring and wishbone, and it looks like the printed nuts/holes work a lot better with M6 hardware than M8

Hi Hobbean.
You are quite right. The outer gimbal setup uses M6 hardware, just like it says in the instructions:
"For the four felt bearings you will have to cut down four M6 screws."
Merry christmas, and happy gliding :-)

This design looks great! It has a much more polished appearance than other DIY glidecams I have looked at and your preliminary results look fantastic. I can't wait to see the Mk2.