wp-15m (woozi)

by Woody7070 May 19, 2019
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Could you post a picture of the wiring for a dual and a single stage wiring?

Is that worm gear the only option? It is a little expensive for where I live...

Sorry for the dumb question but what mm would I print for the cage? Thanks

Hey Woody, Thank you so much for making your amazingly fun creation freely available. :D. The design is superb and i cant wait to see the brushless design you are working on.

I saw in a youtube video you had a rifled barrel, please share the object file with us :D

Also can you let me know the specs of the flywheels you are using to achieve 200fps. Also can you make the cage available for that too?

Thanks for being AWESOME :D

Wait, brushless design coming??? I need this in my life. Would love to see a solenoid pusher option as well for that "real feel".

This thing is sick and very very well designed!! Only change I would make is to close the hole at the front of the trigger guard where you can see the switch+wires. Thanks for all your hard work!

hello mate would it be possible if you could split the grip from the main body it doesn't fit my print bed

can I buy the motor from Aliexpress? which type or model is it ?

Where are the STLs for the magazine and where would I source ammo and mag spring? Would it be this mag and short darts?


those magazines should work, or you could print Thalon mags that use drum springs from foamblast

This looks awesome! I dont print much with supports. I'm sure a dumb question, full support everywhere on the bodies? I am using Cura, any specific type of support?

how did you end up printing it?

I printed it on an ender 3. .2mm res. Full supports everywhere, 8mm brim just in case, fairly slow speed cause I was afraid it might come lose being so tall. Each side took 30 hours to print but came out great.

Hey Woody, was wondering if you have any other source for the worm gear. The amazon listing says it will take 1-2 months to ship and that’s a little too long for me. Also I don’t think I’ll be needing 10 of them so if you know anywhere I can get them individually that would be cool. Thanks!

I hope this isn't a stupid question, but in your summary you list 7 different types of screws -- do we really need to buy all of these in order to make a Woozi, or can we get away with using just a subset of them?

Im pretty sure it's just normal nerf screws, similar to what MHP uses

for mine, not having enough time to wait weeks for a screws to arrive from china I resorted to various lengths of self tapping m3 screws except a few places where M2 screws were more appropriate (grip scales). seemed to work fine for me.

I was wondering the same thing, especially since here in America it can be difficult to source metric hardware. Would something like this work? https://www.amazon.com/Hilitchi-250-Piece-Stainless-Socket-Assortment/dp/B01N1WDUK0/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=m2+screws&qid=1559134819&s=gateway&sr=8-4

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Would this work with the white serrated Worker wheels?

nope sorry only the small hurricane wheels

Is this for Katanas or Talons?

will your single stage hurricane cage fit? what kind of fps does the dual stage get?

nope. however I just added a single stage cage

all files changed to stls now sorry about that

For those that are curious, .3mf files will open directly in Cura.

I noticed most of the files are still .3mf. Are you planning on releasing this will all the stl's?