Harpy Action Pose - Tabletop Miniature

by M3DM May 19, 2019
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This model is lovely. Great work!

I'm trying to print it as my first print after the Ender 3 test dog, but it went awry the first time because I didn't add supports. On the second attempt now (with tree supports), and noticing that the failed first print seems pretty small in comparison to other 28mm minis, and as a result the main leg is VERY thin and thus a weak spot. Also, the textures of the feathers on the legs didn't come in at all, and there's a good bit of banding on them.

Is this the size it's supposed to print at? Should I upsize the file somehow to get it to 28mm scale? Is there a good layer thickness for the fine details?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Hey... I just got my Ender 3 pro a couple last week.. I use CURA ver 4.2.1 seems to be better than the creality slicer software they give ya and when you do supports.. mine was stock set at 47.. and was not set for everywhere only the print bed... so I have been playing with settings too... also a program that will help level the bed is here on thingiverse called CHEP_Ender_3_bed_level it helped me out a lot.. almost all of my prints have been awesome.. on Standard quality...

It is probably the settings you are using in the slicer. I also have an ender 3 printer. Are you using settings designed for 28mm minis? Also you can try re-orientating the model to make the weak points stronger (print direction matters for weak points). With 28mm minis if you have enough supports it will prevent the print from failing even if there is weak points or failures. You can counter the difficulty of removing the supports by increasing the z support offset and they will pop off.

this is the first harpy ive ever seen that has feathers

then this is the first harpy you saw, everything else you saw were no harpies dude

That's exactly what I was thinking lol Thank you

You're welcome :-)