Dual EZStruder Mount for the Rostock Max V2

by alextoff Jun 15, 2014
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would you mind uploading the nut STL as well?

Waiting on a free night to finish up my V2, then this will be one of the first things printed after the fan shrouds. Thanks for sharing!


Do you think you could upload the CAD model? I would like to get a dxf of this (without the spacers) so that I can just use my cnc router to cut it out instead of printing it. If you could upload the 3D model in .step format, I can get what I need from that.

Thanks for the dual mount design though, just what I was looking for!


I'm sorry, but I think I've deleted the Solidworks files for this. I just formatted my laptop a few weeks ago, I must not have backed them up. Doesn't make me particularly happy, since I put a lot of time into it, but such is life. If I happen to come across them, I'll post them.

EDIT: SCRATCH THAT, I just found them! My Dual Hotend mount on the other hand... gone. :( I'll go ahead and post it now.

Where do you mount your second reel of filament on top of the printer?

I've only just started preparing for a dual extruder setup, so I haven't installed a second reel just yet, but I plan on adapting and mounting one of the many bearing based filament holders. Like one of these: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:104983http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Spool Support and Holder for Sainsmart and ProtoParadigm filament for Leapfrog Creatr Printer
by chickan

Nice, secondly, why not just print out a second extruder mount and use the other set of holes on the top of the printer? I am making these right now to add a second extruder: http://repables.com/r/332http://repables.com/r/332

I thought it would look nicer / cleaner to have both extruders on one mount. I also don't plan on using the stock reel holder any longer, even after adding an adapter, it's still the cause of much vibration.