Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Ship Construction Remix for Openforge Tiles Utilising Magnets - S.C.R.O.T.U.M.

by DanielMS May 21, 2019
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Do you have a starting part list for a basic ship? That would be great -- I'm currently looking to put this together for my DM to build off of and customize themselves and want to give at least the basic set to start with.

I am currently reworking a few parts that turned out to be a little bit flawed, will upload them during the week an add a complete list to the description!

For starters, I used the following parts for what you can see in the pictures (It's a lot and took a few weeks on a single small printer, but definitely worth it!) :
17pc 2x2
1pc 2x2 with Mast
4pc 2x1
1pc stairs down (the small 1x1 one)
13pc 2er Railing
4pc Boarding Railing
2pc 1er Railing
2pc 2x2 Luke + Gitter (the loading hatch thing)
1pc each of the Bug (stern) and Heck (aft) tiles with the corresponding raisers and two bases each (so it can be magnetized on both levels)
1pc 4x2 with Mast
1pc 4x2
3pc Raiser for 2er Railing
2pc Raiser with window for the 2er railing
2pc Wall with door
1pc 4x4 with Mast
1pc 4x4
2pc 2x1 Raiser + Base (for the 2x1 of the aftcastle)
4pc Stairs wide (Treppe Breit)
Requires quite a number of magnets (5mm ball), I would recommend buying them from china via ebay or amazon, they come in packs of 216 for ~9€/10$ and you will need at least one pack per deck I would say, and 2-3 1kg rolls of filamentfor three decks (I chose simple brown color instead of wood or something like that, and have not regretted it)

Then add balcony railings, steering wheel, rowboats, ballista, cranes, loot etc. to taste.

We forcefully claimed our first ship yesterday and it was awesome :-)

Awesome! Thank you so much for a quick reply, I'll definitely post our make as soon as I get this together!

You are very welcome!
I would greatly appreciate that :-)

these are great. Thanks for creating them.

Thanks :-)
You are welcome.
I am currently trying to figure out the raised parts for the fore- and aftercastle. As soon as I get a decent enough print I will upload those as well.