Dual E3D v6/ Jhead Hotend Mount V 3.1 | X Carriage for Mendel, Mendel Max,Prusa and co.

by ForReason Jun 16, 2014
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That's Really nice, I want to put it in my Prusa Air 2, but I don't know if I should change the electronics to accept double extruder or I can work with the same I have??

Sorry I dont know your current setup.

You can also put a single extruder in.

Make sure to get rid of ALL strings inside so the air can flow threw the cooler ribs of your hotend

do this carriage work also with LM10UU ?

Sorry I dont have the models anymore so I cannot measure. :(

This may be a dumb question, but where do the belts mount on this carriage?

the belts mount on the side , on the topplate you can see two things sticking out. this is for the belts.its around 3-4 cm offset from the middle if i remember it right. on my mendel model it s exactly centered with the motor screw(dunno how the thing is called)

in the screenshots I can see two 40mm fans mounted at an angle, but I can't find STL for them.

this is from a earlier version of the file. to be honest, the 40mm fans were a desaster. The airflow was literally 0.5 and the fans couldnt get enough air threw so they eventually broke by overheating (i broke 5 of them) this is why i removed it. also the old model is not compatible with the new one because of a different mounting mechanic

Hi - sorry if this has been asked before but - what did you model & render this in?

it was in Autodesk Inventor 2015, costs a lot, but the student version is for free!

will upload a stp this evening or tommorrow. Since I am in the exams i stopped updating my things

I cannot import the .ipt's into SolidWorks. Can you please save these and upload them as .stp?

stp is online, forgot to reply :D

stealing your basic shape for a dual hex hotend, so neat n tidy it looks great

Hello , i like your design but how much is the distance between the smooth rods ?
Kind regards

the space between is 42mm. but if you measure from beggining of a rod the the beginning of the other rod, its 50mm

So you mean from center to center of the rods its 50mm?

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you SO much for sharing it!

First off I wanna say that this is a beautiful design, the best I've seen on this site so far, I am really impressed. I was hoping that maybe you could add a spot for a servo for all the new auto bed leveling that's been coming out. This is such a clean and compact design there is no where to mount a servo myself that i can see. I'm about ready to print this for my custom printer, hope it works for my application. If you get the servo mounted n looking good i'd be willing to donate a small amount as well.

okay i thought a bit about it.
i may insert the auto leveling into the fanmounts. unfortunally i need a autobedleveling system first to measure the size and so on

sorry i dont have a bed autoleveling system.. maybe i can give it a try but as i mentioned before i got not much time to work on my projects

Hi, any updates on more fan-mounts? thinking about giving this a go for my machine but 2x60mm fans sticking out would mean that i loose so much on one axis. maby 2x40mm fans with like a 60degree angle or somthing.

I have some sugestion for you:

  1. The airflow in the base can be improved by removing some "fins".
    2.The hot end mounts on the thop plate can be made stronger by increasing the lenght,
    3.If you make the fan verticaly you can increase X travel by aprox. 40mm and you get some milimeters on the Z axis too.

I've print this and "dry mount" it on a I2 seems to be realy nice, i don't have bowdens yet, but when they arive i will uplod some pics.

Keep up, you are doing awesome designs.

hey Thatnks A LOT for this reply.
1: which fins do you mean? I had a few different solutions in mind but i guess my knowledge at modelling isnt enough yet to do that.

2: I know that and need to fix this

3: Well.. I thought about that while developing. There are some REALLY good reasons to do that like airflow and so on. otherwise: i dont think that i could get it really smaller by that. i will have a closer look on that.

but as always: i unfortunally havnt got much time to work on thoose things. that means that it will take quite a amount of time until i can continue working on it

My english is not great.
1On the berings side of the base you got an exaust port with some curved fins, you can reduce the number of make some sort of hole ...
3,. The Hi presure air on a fan comes from the sides, basecly if u pot the fan near the extrudet filament (90*) you will get far better airflow than if u live the fan at 0 degrees. ( read about Coanda Effect http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coand%C4%83_effect )

that for that reply, ill rework the cooler fan mount

ill also work on the airflow


Did you had the chance to add the "- add the little screwmounts for the belts" as you said you would?
I could really used it for my coreXY :)
Very nice work :)

ive added them. but its still much work to do. like the leveling of the two hotends and the fanducts and the clips are to small i need a different mounting system on the top

could you please add a version vor ReprapPro ?

Which reprappro do you have? mendel? huxley? Please note that I won't bring out a design for Vertical x-Axis (like on Huxley) unfortunally I havnt got the Time for that.


I use this here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20968
RepRapPro Mendel, he needs a little more space between the Axis

RepRapPro Mendel

this could work. but i will add new printer versions only if it works properly. the mount is still in alpha phase

How do you level the nozzles on this carriage?

hey. at the moment I dont level them. please mention that this design is still in beta-phase. I am very glad for this hint and will look how i can do that. Unfortunally i have no time at the moment for 3d modeling.

I understand. I am planning to switch to dual hot end myself, could you share your experience so far? Do you find that the hot ends are actually leveled or would they need to be adjusted? I guess if the e3d hot ends are perfect copies this may not be an issue but i doubt they are all perfect. If you print a bed leveling test object (like this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:29028) do you find the result from both hotend's to be the same?


Bed Leveling Calibration Object
by ajayre

hey i added now a leveling function

in my case the leveling is fine. but the main problem is, that the hotends are a bit loosely with that mount. I really have to improove this clamps a bit.

I may declare this mount to alpha phase :D

Haha! well whatever you do I hope you keep working on this baby, this carriage looks awesome.

Will definitly make it when I jump to dual but I may change it a bit to use a single blower fan behind the carriage instead, for cool the prints.

Good work.

this should be no problem. the fan attachment is modular. so you only need the correct holders and can screw in a fanmount you designed.
I also plan to make mounts for different sizes of fans like 50 and 40 mm so you can just use them if you got them at home

Hi all I am looking for e3d v6 dual mount for prusa i3 are you designing it any time soon ?

Thx again

hey. sorry the prusa I3 wont come so soon since it got a vertical Z axis. Sorry

since i dont have a i3 i dont have the measurements to make it


How should I apply the Nuts for the top Unit? There are hexagon holes inside the bottom unit but no chance to put a nut inside the part...

Thank you

Hey on my printer i dont need any nuts because the screws fit perfect o.O try to take some glue into the holes and then screw it together

Can you do this for the e3d V5 please?

at the moment my 3d modelling program (inventor) is broken. i am in contact with the support so it can take a while

That would be great; looking forward to printing it.

I will add a v5 version of the base after i fixed the belt mount and added support for 60mm fans.
I`m sorry but that may take a week.

I'd love to see this for the E3D v5

I will add a v5 version of the base after i fixed the belt mount and added support for 60mm fans.
I`m sorry but that may take a week...

i Made it to gpl and uploaded the sourcefiles... Good luck with them, they really are a mess since i never planned to publish them ;D

I really like the idea but would really much appreciate if you could add source files and decide to go with a different license than "CC non commercial". Would GPL/LGPL not the more appropriate license given the history of the reprap printers and because with "CC no commercial" no kit builder can include it nor E3D could provide it etc. etc.?
greetings kai

Please comment if some engineering drawings would help you to model your own.

Of course it will help, same as the sources - even if someone would do a complete different way to create its own.

I canged it to gpl and uploaded the sourcefiles... Good luck with them, they really are a mess since i never planned to publish them ;D

No problem - thank you very much!