Completely 3-D Printable Centrifuge

by jpearce May 22, 2019
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I agree with dream36va.

Most (if not all) of the stl files provided are totaly unusable (corrupted).
I was really interested in this design so I hope they will be uploaded again without errors.


Anar - Where are you getting the files - what slicer are you using?

Hi jpearce,
and thanks for fast reply !

I downloaded all the files from here : https://osf.io/besmf/
And also tried from here : https://www.youmagine.com/designs/open-source-completely-3-d-printable-centrifuge
Same result.

No slicer used yet because I always check files before printing.
And these files have so many errors that there is no chance they can print well.
Just open them in Meshlab and have a look at the wireframe.
And the FreeCAD files are not really better...

I have no doubt that this centrifuge has been printed but I'm 99% sure it wasn't with the provided files.

Anyway I think it's a great design.
Bravo !
I will try to completely redesign it when I have the time.


Ok - I just made sure that the files were not corrupted. Meshlab does not like them -- but again I opened them in Cura-- they slice and print no problem -- could I recommend that you try a small one first with your favorite slicer and then if it works print them all.

do you finish the original proyect?
i try to to pieces and all are bad

Yes the project is complete and working no problem - go to https://www.appropedia.org/Open_Source_Completely_3-D_Printable_Centrifuge to get latest updates and files

i take the stl files of that url. if i open with the program 3dslash , the holes go out. if i open with Simplify3D, to print it in my machine do the same. i send you 2 photos of piece B.
when i try to correct the pieces with Meshmixer, a lot of holes go out.
do you see something i do bad to print pieces?
wich program you use to desing pices?


I dont understand - B looks right in both - opens fine in meshmixer and cura - no errors?

sorry about my English.
pieze B, as you see in photo "pieza_b.jpg, must have one hole for the axi, and other 3 to put in the piece part_E.
i send you a new photo " 3 holes".
in the same pieze, part_B, are 2 holes for part_C and part_D. (2 holes photo). they do not appear in stl file to print.

meshmixer and cura, say that piece have errors

in pdf file, figure 2. page 8

"Part B has two holes of equal diameter where the gears are placed in order to carry out correct

page 9

"Attach part H from the backside of Part B in Part E’s hole, which will hold the couple gears in
one place and stop them from swiveling abruptly while rotating (Figure 4a)"