Game of Thrones - Drogon fire dragon lamp

by bozzman May 23, 2019
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I have a lot of trouble with the supports. I use Simplify 3D and a Flashforge Creator Pro. Anyone have a screenshot of the settings they use. I can use Cura if someone uses that and can show me the settings to use. I am new to 3D printing, watched the videos on slicers and not sure what I'm doing wrong. A lot of times it just kind of looks like a bunch of spaghetti. I've leveled the bed and some things print fine but this dragon is hard and messes up on supports. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

with which program did you draw this model

I just used tinkercad. so quick and easy!

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Im in the u.k but i cant find anything that would seem to work as the light for this, do you have the product code of the light you used or an idea of something similar id be able to grab.

many thanks

Sorry mate, im originally from the UK and unaware of how you go about getting a similar lamp. Here is a link to the lamp and you can see a pdf manual from the site. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/lamp-with-handle/2346305

Thanks for trying to help and that mate, i made this thing up quickly so you can use a battery LED pack, i liked the idea of colour changing and that too, hopefully you approve. Again thanks for your help anyway dude!

Hi mate, do you have a list of your light parts? Also in UK and struggling for the lamp

Awesome model, much thanks!!!! What kind of glue did you use? Where did you buy the glue? Thanks!

Thanks mate, i just used standard superglue. But i did allow it to dry for a full 24hrs

Can you tell me the size of the lamp? And the wall thickness of the fire?

The lamp is base is 15mm in diameter. I made the wall thickness only 1 or 2 layers so about 0.2mm - 0.4mm

A nice design but don't make the mistake and print the dragon in 3 parts... I have waste 3 days to glue them all together and the wings are to heavy for the body! I have used thermo glue and glue for plastics and after a while the wings fall...

Wings need to be printed: infill 0; 2 perimeters; 2 layers of height; support 1. They are hollow, durable and light. The body of the dragon is cut differently. Thus, less glue is needed and it prints better. infill 0; 2 perimeters ; support 1.

Do you remember how much each wing weighed? Cura is telling me 24 grams.

I don’t know the weight. One wing of the original size needs 5 meters of PLA 1,75.

That's a real shame. Some people have weighted the lamp base to allow for the dragon weight. Mine worked ok. Maybe download the files again as i did make an update to the dragon and fire so the tip entered the mouth further.

Anyone have the lamp fire in 2 pieces? It's too tall for my bed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for slicer settings? Using Cura and print has failed 3 times. I am just printing the body stl with no wings or tail.

Hello, and thank you for your work on this. I am making one, however I am in the States and would like to know who the manufacturer of the lamp is. I tried purchasing through the link to Kmart and could not buy it through that route. If I know the information about the lamp I should be able to locate it on Amazon or possibly somewhere else. Thanks once again for your efforts, G'Day!

Im just going to print a simple base some super cheap LED's from Aliexpress and plug 'em in. Thats my plan, will post makes after everything finishes printing.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing your work!

Hello sir, can you tell me how to print the wings? Should i print them in the default position or should i rotate them?

I found the best rotation for me was with the pointy thumb part and the connection to the body on the base. So it was quite tall and used very little support material.

Looking to make this on my Photon-s. I’ll post pictures of progress and result whenever I finish it.

Can't wait to see...!

Is it possible to add complete dragon (as 2 parts: dragon + fire).

I have added a full dragon file.

Thank you so much, I will try to print today!

How did it turn out printing the dragon whole? And what orientation?

Hi, I've raised a few(maybe 5mm) from heatbed to have full support under the dragon. So normally dragon not touching to the bed. Also I lay it to be as one wing flat.

Looks excellent! Thanks for uploading and separating the dragon model, I was just about to try that myself after I failed to print in one piece a few times...

For the flame part, is that white or translucent PLA? Printed in vase mode (1 wall, 0% infil)?

In Slic3r I used the vase mode with 0 bottom layer using transparent orange, came out ok. If I were to print it again, I'd use a solid colour as it's pretty thin.

I used a white PLA with only 2/3 layers and it came out pretty good. Use 0 layers for the bottom layer and an infill of 0. That is how my Cura setting handles hollow prints, your printer may be different.

Thanks! Good call on 2/3 walls, 1 was too thin and the weight of the dragon snapped the tip off the flame when I knocked it gently... 2 walls worked for me. My white PLA still lets plenty light through.

How did it work out printing the dragon as a single piece? what orientation and settings did you use?

Hi, what fill density did you use for the fire?

I assume it's hollow so 0%?

Use 0 layers for the bottom layer and an infill of 0. That is how my Cura setting handles hollow prints, your printer may be different.