Oculus Quest Lens Protective Cover

by Kyyrbes May 23, 2019
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I just got my VR cover and notice that it is a different shape - while it still doesn't hit the lenses, its very loose. It will need the Y Axis stretched.

Thanks for the heads up. Any idea how much it would need to be stretched? I won't get my VR Cover until August since the fiasco.

Not entirely sure yet. I need to take it out and compare it to the original. It might actually be shaped a little differently where it rests. Its harder to get past the 'pleather part' cause its wider than the Quest's foam, so you have to angle it in which isn't the best since you could drop and hit the lenses, but not sure much can be done about that (maybe curve the edges so it slips past the pleather easier when it rubs it. Ill probably try to print one a bit larger and see how it fits. Ill let you know.

Makes sense. I'll add a warning to the description for now that it doesn't fit.

It does 'fit', but its not perfect (it kind of see-saws vertically when in place). It doesn't hit the lenses, but its not near as perfect as the OEM fits. I did print it with the X axis at 102.07% and the Y Axis at 107.84 and it fits without see-sawing in place - but its still not perfect. Here are some pics three of them are with the cover printed original size showing it in the OEM interface then in the VR cover, one is of the cover printed at the larger size in the VR Cover.

Hmmm I see what you mean. The VR Cover is definitely a different shape. There isn't much I can do to adjust that without having one myself and because of the delay from their end that may take a couple of months. I'll see if I can find a 3d model of the interface.

I like the design - would you consider making a variant with a notch cut out of the top so it doesn't activate the face sensor? That way we can keep the function activated and not have to worry as much about the Quest turning on or go thru the hassle of shutting it down each time.


Totally, actually have a version of this I haven't uploaded yet. Working on refining it a little to make sure it prints and looks clean!

I've tried other covers and not happy with them. Hope the version with the hole so Quest doesn't turn itself on comes out soon - I think it will be the one I choose to stick with.

Uploaded, check out the "slotted" versions!

Is this design suitable for use with the glasses spacer? Various IPD settings?

It sits far enough above the lenses that IPD is irrelevant! It will work no problem with the Glasses spacer.

How far away from the lenses is this?

I've uploaded the slotted-centerloop to a printing service and it warns me there are "28 Intersecting faces" which is according to them a problem for FDM/SLA printing, although SLS is claimed to be OK.

What material have you used? The print shop I'm eying has a range of choices. Resin looks nice but it's expensive.

It floats about a half inch above the lenses. Intersecting faces shouldn't matter, it's probably just a quality check by their slicing software. I would print it in PLA+. I sell them on the Etsy store for $10 if you're interested! Link is in the description.

I'd love to (don't own a printer myself) but the shipping to the Netherlands is likely going to triple the cost.

Understandable. I wish there was cheaper option for me to ship to you! Not to be a stickler but it's technically a breach of the Non Commercial license for a print shop to sell you my model. If you think that's the only practical way for you to get a cover please have the shop contact me for permission before printing! :)

I hadn't though of that! I'll look into the shipping from Etsy. I was planning to go to our FabLab (we are a school, we have one on the premises) and print it, is that OK?

Sounds good to me!

Thanks much, but is it in this upload or listed as another version? I only see two files in this download a loop and non loop v1.1?

Try clearing cache. They have over 60 downloads each so they're up there!

Strange, I just tried a different web browser without logging in and I still get only to two V1.1 loop and non loop files in the download, plus the last update on the description was 5/24.

Maybe it just takes more time for thingiverse to update different areas?

Can you click the "thing files" tab and see if it shows up there? The zip from hitting "download" didn't work for me but they are showing up in the actual files tab.

Got it! Didn't even know those could be different. Thanks again! Ill print and post!

Neither did I! Glad its showing up there for you.

Should be able to upload one later this evening. Been out of town this week!

Where do you ship to and what would be the price?

Before I print this, I want to know if this will make the quest auto turn on.

If it's not fully shut down, than any cover will. Hold down the power button until you see the option to shut down and either use the controller to select or keep holding the button until you hear the chime. After that it will not turn on from the cover!

Easy way to tell if you're in the clear is that the orange light on the right side of the headset should be on and the white light on the top of the headset should be off!