Fallout FFG - Dashboard

by Aarcana May 25, 2019
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Hi I love the fact you've made this. Much needed. However being a noob at 3d printing i need some advice. I opened this up in Cura, but the model was showing as off the bed. (like WAY off) and so I moved it and angled it in such a way it fit onto the bed. But when it comes to printing it it has only printed out the topmost layer of the design (where the xp slots are)
Can you give any advice? Was this supposed to be printed upside down? Thanks!

I'd say 2 things

1- your bed size is smaller than mine (when it comes to 3D printing, size does matter :p). Since it cannot put the piece without orientation, it's off bed. So that part is pretty normal

2- about the top only layer, that's pretty odd. Personally, I never install a new version of cura (3.0, 4.0)... I prefer to wait one or 2 correction version. Maybe it's a bug, maybe not. Try to translate the piece in Z axis, maybe, for an odd reason, it's set a bit lower than the bed

to be sure, with cura, you can check the layers to be printed, in the top-right corner, you have a dropdown, with "solid view" preselected. After you prepared your piece, select "layer view", so you can check the layers to be printed.
(again, mine is perfect without any settings modification)

I'd like to know which version of Cura you're using

when I import mine, this is the result (no modification at all): https://imgur.com/a/fU2NLpd

this is how it should be, flat on the bed

what version of Cura are you using?

The version is 4.0 i believe. Do you think this could be the issue?
This is what happens when the file is first imported (no mod either): https://imgur.com/a/AvR906A

And then to accomodate the size of it i had to rotate it at an angle, as such: https://imgur.com/a/zZaL1wy

And this was the final result after printing. https://imgur.com/a/VIDbd1D

Appreciate any insight you might have