R2-D2 Dome Mechanism Part 1 by Matt Zwarts

by Matteous78 Jul 21, 2019
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Awesome work i wish i had your talent! I have started to prinn the base plate today and also ordered the parts from banggood. Can't wait to start putting this all together and seeing my R2 come to life.
I would definitely be interested in the arduino code as i have no idea when it comes to programming.

The code is available in the electronics part, this is only rev 1 of the code released

Phenomenal work, so professional! Thank you for your contribution. I have a quick question - how would the main assembly frame be mounted to the actual dome? Would it be somehow attached to the top of the dome or at the bottom where lazy susan is located? I would like to integrate this into my 3-D printed (mrbaddley) dome but currently trying to figure out how it would be anchored. Thank you in advance.

Hey Alex,
The dome mechanism is mounted to the dome base plate, mine is a timber frame body with a 3D printed dome. The dome mechanism is screwed to the dome plate, which the dome also locates to. Hope this clarifies. Join the MrBaddeley Printed Droid group on Facebook if you can to see the progression of his designs and mine, https://www.facebook.com/groups/2152999025028674/
Thanks for the compliment.

Great, thank you for following up and explaining Matt. I'll join this FB group.


This is exactly what i was looking for! My R2 will be even better with this!!
What i would like to know is if I can have a copy of the sketch for the Arduino....
I understand every system is a bit different but a base code would go a long way.

Hi Tim,

I'm just finalising the drink server arm and making sure the code is "fool"proof before releasing it, when I'm happy I'll release it


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This is amazing... and the droid-parts I am looking for :)
I am building my Styrene-R2 with Alu-Dome and I hope, I may get this integrated in there...
This looks so amazing... :D

This is cool. Would you be able to add a one piece base also instead of the three piece for those with larger print beds?

I'll add it when I get a chance

Awesome, thanks :D

Questions: I didn't know there was a quota. :)
Pie design: Okay. I've seen 6 designs, I ran with 1.
The closest I could come up with to Helmets (since I can't remember the website) is Martyman's:
Helmet and others created a site where you can download their stuff. But you have to login to do it. The pie has that structure on the underside with some script in Star Wars font at the base. They look cool painted in aluminum.

How does your design sit on the base plate? It is 3 pieces going across the dome gear, with the slip ring in the center. I'd think there would be issues with putting that weight on there. Can you show us?

Other designs: Okay. I have printed some of the other designs, I am actually doing the reverse, trying yours. I'll see what I can adapt. Most of them are standard R2 scale and design.

R2D2 Dome Pie Panel Hinge

Quota exceeded I think.... I have a timber frame R2 and the Dome Mechanism sits on top of a 12mm thick piece of plywood. I would suggest that making the dome mechanism for a fully 3D printed dome you only start with the first 3 parts to check the weight of the mechanism.

I was honestly on my way to create an account and ask you about the BOM and compare it to what I've compiled when I saw the edits.
Cool! I had amazon in mind, but your vendor seems a lot cheaper!

I have the second part of your base printing now.
Do you know when you are going to upload your pie hinges? Will other designs work? Will they work with Helmet's redesign of the pies? And how does it all attach to the dome?

Do you know if other periscopes will plug in to this? I'm trying to link the one I found but Thingiverse is acting sluggish and bulky this morning. Okay, I printed Mascal's top https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2834270. I've printed other mods but can't find them at the moment.


R2D2 Periscope
by mascal

I counted 5 questions in your comment, Hinges design will be uploaded when I'm done, I just printed off a revised trial part today, Try other designs and see if they work, my design gives clearance to maximize the lift height.
I don't know Helmets redesign? My lift mechanism doesn't attach to the dome, it sits on top of the dome base plate, it would be too complicated to work on it in the dome.
Try the other periscopes if you want to see if they fit. It doesn't cost much to print a single part and trial print before doing all of them.
Hope it works

Hey Matt... do you have a BOM on electronics handy - particularly which servos or motors you ended up going with and such?

Just added to the post printing section :)

I'm intrigued. I wonder if I could mod some of this to work with my aluminum dome? Mainly looking to do the periscope and scanner lifter so wouldn't be quite as tight.

Hey Jason, definitely an option, just print the main lift part 1 and Periscope and Lifeform scanner and you should be good to go, the height is adjustable with the length of the rods you cut, and then shorten or lengthen the belts to suit. Where the Dome holoprojector is located is where the electronics mount is under so it still fits. For the cost of printing the first part 1, and a few timber dowels, you could see if it fits at least. Hope it works for you.

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Hi, would the pie servo mounts work if it was an aluminium dome?

If you mean the pie servo hinges, I am in the process of finalising a design to suit clearances on the mechanism lifts, I'll upload when done.

Thank you for all the work you put into this. I've had my R2 for quite a while. And this will be an excellent addition to my droid. :)

great work . I just started printing my R2 and will add this to it . Thank you for adding this