Advent Calendar

by pleppik Dec 3, 2012
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It seems really a good job! I like it.
Do you have a picture with all the objects out of the tree? Are they build a global scene?

My first Christmas as a 3D printer and this is a must. I can see us still using it in 20 years time. 3D printed heirlooms!

Is there an updated one out there? Or a new one?

Great Project, It took me 30 hrs to complete, my wife loved it, since she says I'm always printing things for me and not for her, I surprised her with the calendar today and she was thrilled, thank you for an awesome job,
forget my ignorance, but can someone tell me what's the gift on day 23 please, she asked me and I'm like uh.....
thanks again for an great job!

It's a Festivus Pole

Sweet! Your model is one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Thank you for this excellent project. I've been printing away. My children are assembling the tree and giving a toy each night for their Elf on the Shelf to play with. Having some trouble getting the gingerbread house to print. What settings are people using for their prints?

Thanks for a wonderful project! I got the final piece finished on New Year's Day. There's about 25 different filaments that went into my build (PLA and ABS, in various colors), and I could have used more colors (brown, in particular). It looks great!

All Done ! - Thank you Peter for a great Advent - Have a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year. - Rich.

Thank you, and a Merry Christmas to you too!

What a great project. I just have to ask: How much weighs the complete tree?

About 650g. It took about half a reel of the green, plus little bits of a lot of other colors.

Almost there....The last pieces will be posted tomorrow, as traditionally an Advent calendar goes through the 24th.

how about a toy that we can actualy play with, like a spin top, or one of those awesome truck that can be printed in one shot http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:9710http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Tiny Toy Dump Truck

That would be cool, for sure. At this point I've finished all my designs, so maybe I'll try this for my next crazy project.

Hey, can you do this again for this December? Christmas is coming up again! (I know I could just do the same thing, but maybe different toys or a play-with version?)
Thanks either way!

It's getting exciting now, 5 more boxes to balance on top - I wonder what the top of the tree going to look like...

Yes, the end is in sight....

Anyone having problems with printing the Day19 Santa Hat, take a look at my supportless version - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38472http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Advent Day 19 Santa Hat - No Support
by RichRap

Plate for days 13-18 are now up as well (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:37747)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi.... I'm a little stuck right now getting my gift for day 4 to come out well -- I've decided to do it in silver PLA which I never printed with before (and had some "classic" PLA jamming problems) - I think I've got it sorted out, so I'm hoping to get the rest of the gifts printed in quick succession after that.

Advent Calendar - Plated for Replicator

The Santa Hat is probably the most challenging model to print in the entire set. It will require support.

Nice job Peter, and thanks for the post Joseph.

Hopefully we can get a few more printed for Christmas, go on you know you want a 3D printed Advent Calendar !

I'm having trouble getting the puzzle pieces of the tree to fit correctly, I'm getting just a U shape that doesn't really close in to make the pieces fit right.  I have tried lots of various configurations in slic3r and still can't get these to come out right.  the STLs look right, but I can't get them to look like the posted photos.. my pieces are just fitting way too loosely.  Does anyone have any suggestions or could perhaps post a slic3r  config.ini file for these?   I'm using a 0.5mm nozzle, perhaps I need a smaller nozzle to get the details to be fine enough?

Well, I'm running stock 0.4mm nozzle on the Replicator, and there's enough of a "C" shape that you could lose almost another  0.5 mm at each tip before the C starts turning into a U.  

Do you have a way of looking at your gcode with slic3r?  Maybe you can open it up with SkeinForge and run the SkeinLayer viewer?  (if you have a Mac, apparently Pleasant 3D is a nice viewer - I don't use a Mac, so I don't know.)

That said, the pieces I have fit loosely, but the keys do stay in the channels.

Thanks for the info.  I only have a 0.5mm nozzle for my printer but that seems to work well enough for the tabs, they wrap around way under.  I'm not sure why the sockets are almost U's I've tried every combination of settings I can think of... perhaps they just have more clearance than they look in the photos, however I think they must be kind of tight otherwise the pieces that are suspended under the bottom would show a gap, which they are not showing.  The way my pieces fit together, they will not fall out, but the pieces at the bottom of the tree will be hanging down 1.6mm which is a very noticeable gap.  Here's a few measurements,  perhaps we can compare...  my 'tabs' measure 9.3mm across.. the 'C' shaped sockets measure 9.1mm across the narrow part trying to make it look like a C, and 10.3mm across the wide part.. and as I mentioned, if I put 2 pieces together and push them straight away, I get a gap of 1.6mm before the tab gets stuck in the socket (but it's only catching by 0.2mm as you can see.. not much at all

I guess I could glue it together if I can't figure it out, but it would be more fun to be functional puzzle peices

Yeah, that would do it. The chamfer on the bottom makes it just a little easier to get them to slip together. Not that the tolerance isn't a bit sloppy as it is--I figured I didn't want people cursing at the parts as they try to get them to fit. Not really in the spirit of the season, you know.

The chamfer also eliminates the need to clean up the bottom layer due to it being squished onto the plate.

I would not have even noticed if I printed them all at once, but I stopped my first plate of them because I didn't have enough infill and it was breaking up... I tried to get away with low infill because I only had 1lb of green filament... it didn't work.   Then tried to put the lower level pieces together... not realizing they were chamfered.

 I did complete the first 12 and they are fitting great... but now.. I'm out of green filament, and don't think I will get more shipped to me before Christmas :(    not like they sell it at home depot... maybe in a few years they will :p 

I'm still pretty new to 3d printing, so trying to figure out all the little details.  This sure is fun though!!

We are having fun putting this together - the family can't wait to see the next gift.  Thank you Pleppik to sharing this!

This thing is going to be huge when it's done, isn't it?  Boxes for days 1 to 6 are now done.  That was around 17 hours!

Yeah, it's getting pretty big. More than halfway done, though! When the whole tree is put together, it's going to be about 450mm tall (around 18 inches).

My son was delightfully playing around with the first 6 pieces this morning, connecting them in different ways.

Are you still looking for things to add to the calendar?  Or have you more or less figured it out to Christmas?

I have a pretty good plan at this point, but it's not all done. Still open to suggestions if you have one.

My kids would appreciate a rocket.  Either a Tin Tin style, or something resembling a model rocket that have fins on 4 sides.

Awesome! Thanks! I've gotten behind printing due to work and colds. But I'm determined to get the boxes all done before Xmas, and get as many of the gifts done by then, too! This has been both a fun and challenging learning experience, as I've started to work with some filament I haven't used before. The results are looking really nice though! Thanks many times over for a wonderful project!

I agree a model rocket would be cool!
How about a spacex rocket!  I would still love to see the starship Enterprise and I don't care how much support I need to print to make it work.   We have Star Wars, and Doctor Who, we can't leave Star Trek out!  

StarBug 1 from Red Dwarf would also be cool... but I must admit, I'm happy as could be to see the TARDIS here!!!

Hi Peter - I'm a writer for http://www.wired.com/design/author/jflaherty/http://www.wired.com/design/au... - if you have a minute today, I'd love to chat about your project for a story I'm working on. I'm [email protected]

Nice article--Thanks!

My wife just saw this and made a request that we have one...  So it's a mad rush to get caught up.  I plated days 1 - 6 here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:37747http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... -- you're welcome to grab that, or make your own plate and put it here (then let me know, and I can delete my version or repoint to your master thing).

Advent Calendar - Plated for Replicator

Can you make that a derivative of this one? That will be easier for people to find and make sure you get credit.

Done.   Plate for days 1-6 and 7-12 are up.  

I sliced at 0.2 mm layers with 35% infill.   I think that was a mistake.   After about 10 hours of printing, it looks like my plated six pieces are only about 30-40% done...  

I think I'm stuck with the 0.2 mm layers to maintain a consistent exterior look, but I think I will have to go down to 15 to 20% of infill.

That said, this is pretty exciting.

Six boxes at once, ten hours of printing gets you about a third done....That sounds about right.

At the print settings I'm using on my Up (0.15mm layers, loosest fill, highest print quality), each box takes about 4 hours.

Thanks for the plates!  My wife is wanting this too... I better get out the green filament and get busy!

Because of the large file size that resulted, I had to exit and restart RepG after slicing to run the write-to-file command.  

I just spotted that Day3 is actually a sled! I was thinking it was a stack of candy canes ! - that explains the ridges :)

Awesome ! more Gingerbread, now what colour?...

I used RepRaper's gold ABS. It doesn't look much like the metal of the same name, but it's not a bad gingerbread.

I have already used both of my gold's and one of my browns. I'm saving my Yellow as I'm expecting a star at some point ;) so it's going to have to be buttercream or another shade of brown.

Thank you for making clean stl files that plate easily in OpenScad!  With out this I would never catch up, much less keep up!!!  I printed 6 boxes in one print.

what color is the boxes printed in?

Green. The boxes will (eventually) take the shape of a Christmas tree.

You could also print boxes 1 and 2 in brown, as they are the trunk of the tree. I didn't think of that in time.

Can't wait for the next one, I'm playing the print colour gamble, should I have saved my Purple, will I regret already using my two Gold's? Will I need to find yet another shade of white :)

If you notice the shade of green in the tree suddenly changing, you'll know I lost my game of chicken with my filament supply.

This is fun.  I had a few ideas if you are still looking.  Some of these might not print well.
Ball Cap
doll or teddy bear
Childs building block with a letter on it
Toy car
Jack from ball and jack set
Candy cane
Wrapped piece of candy
Star Burst ala shepherds watching their fields
Roller skate

I really admire your persistence in designing all these things. I wish I could gain the skills required to design something so clever. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

Having fun printing this out. Day 11 (Gingerbread House) seems to be a larger file than the others. I also receive a corrupted STL file warning when converting with Axon for a Rapman 3.1.

I fixed it in Netfabb cloud then rotated it and sliced the back off (removed the back roof edge) print it on the back - front facing up, you don't need support then. 

Can you upload that as a derivative of the Day 11 thing? Thanks.

No problem. It's also 2MB now. 

Looking forward to Day12 the Replicator challenge later! 

Pleppik, thank you for sharing the spirit of the holiday! :)

Hello Pleppik,

I caught up now, (photos soon) - so I can plan the overall tree colour, can you let me know how many boxes are along the bottom row please.



There will be six boxes across the bottom row above boxed 1 and 2.

Thanks, and great job.

Very cool idea.  My fiancee and I were looking for an advent calendar in the store, but with this advent calendar being posted on thingiverse, we are just printing out each piece.  Out of curiosity  what program are you using to do the design work?

I'm using ViaCAD. It's not always the easiest program to work with, but it's reasonably powerful and generates clean STLs.

I'm hoping I don't get negative Xmas points by only printing out the gifts.

I guess that's not really for me to decide. It's up to the big guy at the North Pole.

Very cool, I just need to catch up printing them now!

I have enough colours to make every gift different, my kids will love this! Thanks for doing this.

And for more Ideas I'm thinking - (flashback to childhood Christmas) ...

A Transformer or Action figure - He-man if you can :)
Atari2600 or SNES or Genesis
Rubik's Cube
Trivial Pursuit (wedges)
LEGO ! lots and lots of LEGO...
Scalextric / Hot wheels
Airfix kit+ Glue

Just remember kids, Christmas is not just about toys :)

I'm caught up now . . . looking forward to each new day!

Oh, man, now people are counting on me. What have I gotten myself into?

I can't fathom the challenge you've set for yourself--but we do hope you continue!

Do I get penalized if I only print out the presents?  

This awesome thing has been here for two days and I'm the first one to post a print from it!  Come on people start posting what you have printed!

hi - really cool.

if you want a butterfly or elefant i put the dxfs online: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:36391http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
both are cookie/cheese cutter

Cookie Cutter: Butterfly (Schmetterling)
by nischi
Cookie Cutter: elephant (Elefant)
by nischi

Hey, this is really cool! Have you considered entering it in ProtoParadigm's December Design Contest? There's 12kg of Plastic Filament up for grabs.

Luke: Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely enter it into the contest, especially since I will be needing more green filament.

Just a heads-up though--at least for me, 12kg isn't a year's supply of plastic. More like six months. :)

chunk of coal, a doll,  elf, elf shoe, top, gift or package, bicycle, USS Enterprise, Star Trek Logo, red rider bb gun, snowman

Little green man (go ahead and use mine if you want)
Flying saucer

how about a small car, truck, or airplane? 

I like this, here are some RidesIdeas:
Partridge bird
Diamond ring or just a diamond
Star topper
Elf or elf shoe
Santa or Santa hat
Ice skate

Snowman, snowflake, sledge, candycane, reprap printer... ;-)

Neat idea, I wish you well on keeping up the pace.

Gift ideas: ball, whistle, flower, gingerbread man, snowflake

Totally ninja bread man mini cookie cutter.

Nice project, but you are a bit late… or way to early ;)

It's meant to be assembled as the month goes. As long as I can stay a day ahead of the calendar, there's time to print each day and have it ready in time.
Anyway, that's my strategy for getting around the fact that the inspiration didn't hit until sometime in the afternoon of December 1st.

Ooohhh... I get it! Nice one.

Idea: how about a scaled down version of one of the earliest things posted on Thingiverse...

Just had an idea for the top peice!!! you could try to do something with an LED and a switch to turn it on. Its easier than it sounds look at this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24831http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Mini flashlight V2
by Wijnand

I really love this! Thanks for getting this project started! +1 to keeping it going!

How about a whistle or a small top.

Maybe a Christmas dreidel, and go for the religion mashup.

then you also need a Festivus pole too!

Whatever you do don't forget to make Dr. Who's tardis! :)

Now that I've done an X wing, I suppose I don't want to be accused of playing favorites.

What a cool idea!  How about...

Reindeer, snowflake, snowman, candy cane, penguin, scarf, stockings, fireplace, a tree (within a tree?!!), elf, santa, santa hat, coal, eggnog, holly, mistletoe, sugarplums, candle, wreath, bells, bow, carolers, ornaments, candy, icicle, milk and cookies, and/or a gingerbread man?

I think that's 27 ideas.  :)

Great ideas! Thanks!