Elctro-Piston V2.0

by MakeItMatt1 May 30, 2019
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As the LED itself is a diode, the extra 4 wired in diodes are not needed, and accomplish nothing.

Sure you can still run it with out the diodes but you run the risk of getting your LED fried and it won't be as bright.... Because the coil produces AC current the four diodes actually protect the LED's diode by not passing any reverse current to the LED which could fry the diode of the LED. And because the diodes change the AC's sine wave current to DC full-wave rectification current the LED will blink twice as often and not be strained. Hope this helps.

Good Point! because if it was just about heat dissipation then I would say to just add another power diode, but Blinking twice as fast is Awesome! Is the world ready for it?- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeJgAFFOZ4Q

It would be interesting to have your mechanism with a battery driven coil, and a cam which energizes the coil with a reed switch. I wonder how efficient it could be compared to a motor. Maybe if only that the power stroke has more torque.

What do you think about it?