Letters, Numbers & Symbols OH MY! (100mm tall Arial Bold by 10mm Thick)

by 2ROBOTGUY Jul 30, 2010
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Could you make all these on one STL file so I don't have to download so many files??? Would be great thank you


Thanks for all the characters. Is it possible to make/add an } (accolade) ? It would be helpful for me to make my logo complete with the measurement of your characters.
Many thanks in advance.
Rehards Hans


Thanks for your work!

Could you add the Dalton atom symbols (chemical elements), please?

Best wishes!

HI! I'm not sure if you will see this. Thank you for doing the letters. Some don't seem to work like the S. I have done all my other letters for Alaska project now I'm stuck...Help!

It's been a few years since the last comment here, but I thought I would throw out the idea of making these compatible with replaceable letter boards. Those things can cost upwards of $60 for a set, and if there aren't enough of a specific letter you have to buy another set. I don't have a board right now to give you dimensions for the little tabs that hold them to the board, but maybe someone can find them at Office Depot or something and get a measurement. I'll see if I can.

Standard sizes for those letters are 1.5", 1" and 3/4". Depending on the spacing of the slots on the board it would be simple enough to scale to the proper size and have the tab fit into the next slot.

Just a thought.

Yes, I was just searching Thingiverse for this very thing and came upon your set.

Our "letter board" uses 2-inch letters. The old letters have tabs on the tops and bottoms of the letters while the newer set only has the tabs at the bottom of the letters.

The tabs are 1 mm wide, 1 mm tall, and about 0.2 mm thick.

Didn't realize there was a demand for this. I could do things like this up in blender all day. Blender and inkscape for the complex shapes.

I think it would be nice to see more fonts one day :)

I just wanna say, thank you... I had an odd request by a friend to make a name plate for her niece's bedroom door and there wasn't anything available till this wonderful letter and number set came out.

Why was it an odd request you wonder though? She wanted flames over the lettering as well :/

I wanna say mission complete, but I hope this doesn't scare the little girl from her bedroom lol

Perfect for importing into OpenSCAD to add (or cut) other models!! Thanks!!

Your more than welcome! Tell me if there is anything else you would like.
Mark F