Printrbot Simple 1405 Stabilizing Legs (For Extended Beds)

by orangefurball Jun 19, 2014
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Having a strange bed issue, wondering if you had them too...
I have expanded my bed to almost the same size you have here, and inside of sure I updated the printr setting to include the new dimensions but when I print the machine still tries to print within the original boundaries. When I make print, if it goes outside of the old settings in just moves back and forth on the Y dimension, extruding throughout. I have tried re-flashing and still nothing. Same problem on the Y axis. Cant find anything in the forums either. Any ideas?

I've sent you a message with some info on what to do!

THANK YOU!!!! i'd just looked at your Bowden setup for the 1405, watched the video, saw the stabilizers and said to myself "I N E E D those, where do i find them? and sure enough, i found them. thank you very very much, Orangefurball.

Can you post your X Upgrade source please?

What do you mean? The metal? I am not using any 3D printed parts for it. It is right on the standard 1405 X ends.

I'm having trouble printing the (right?) leg. The one with the 2 screw holes that are centered. I've given it 4 attempts, and they've all snapped off at the base. I'm using Cura to slice my model. The piece with the 4 screw holes came out without a hitch in just one attempt. Has anyone else had this problem?

I have not heard of anyone else having an issue. I used Cura as well. Have you tried redownloading it? Maybe something went wrong.

When I go to print the right leg the bottom part it cut off during slicing and starts printing about an inch above the plate.

Are you missing some GCode? I just tried slicing mine and it works fine.

I shouldnt be. I download the files and load it directly into slicer. In the preview window it shows the full model but after slicing its missing the bottom. The left leg works fine.

same here in preview the right leg cuts few .mm just like empty on bottom, this is flaw design? or something wrong with my printer setting or software itself? the left leg preview shows fine, and i tried slicing the right leg with cura its show fine in preview. i guess cura is the option and it also takes 1h:20m, with slic3r 2h:4m

Is your nozzle size in cura at 0.4mm? What other settings do you use? As I said, it worked fine for me in Cura.

Also, search for "Netfabb online stl repair" in Google. You might want to try fixing the file if it doesn't work. I can try fixing it but not until tomorrow.

I printed the left leg with cura it looks perfect, but its doesnt print good on slic3r

Try downloading Cura and slice with that, Cura is 10x better than Slic3r in my opinion

How big is the print area with a 15" bed? It doesn't reach end to end right?

Also what kind of metal are you using for it?

I Currently use a setting of X285 Y100 Z235
I might be able to squeeze another few mm out of the X but it would bother me if it didn't end with a 5 or 0!
Its just aluminum, 1/8". My dad manages a metal shop so I got it cut there.

How long did this take to print one for you?

I don't remember exactly, I think it was between 2 and 3 hours.

so what are you printing that big?

This makes it possible to do multiple smaller items at once. I do have some ideas for large objects though

looks interesting :) I wish I thought about wood staining before building the printrbot simple...

It was actually an afterthought, I tore it all down and stained it after the first build. If you ever have the time to do it, it does come out really nice.

I'm between Ideas right now, make it look like metal or try green wood stain. I have some spare parts where I can try out some things. Maybe add another color for the moving parts. My favorite right now is the metal look, as I can easily paint the printed plastic parts the same way the wood then is.

The metal look would be cool