Oculus quest protector

by Biolook Jun 1, 2019
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hi, for me the controller's added too much weight to the print and it often falls out of the headset. what should I do to fix that?

Thanks! few questions:

  1. Does it fit right with VR Cover (fake leather vr cover) ?
  2. What kind of support it needs? what settings in cura\simplify 3d please share.. ? I'm using Creality Ender 3 and PLA.

Hey Oren

1- I hadn't test it with VR Cover (i ordered one but their team told me to wait until August to get the improved design) ill test it when I can.
2- it does not need support, but support helps with overhangs if ur printer doesn't do well with overhangs, I posted the setting in the "Thing Details" and if you need more details ill post my Cura setting for my Prusa i3 mk3.

Great concept, thanks! I printed it on Prusa MK3S with Prusament PETG Jet Black @0.15mm layer height / 20% infill, took about 5:30h.

The top part got a bit rough without supports, but could be cleaned up with a knife.

A few questions though: What's the purpose of the circular holes on the sides, and the rectangular cut-outs in the plate? Anything special aside from saving material?

The cut-out for the sensor works fine for me, doesn't wake up the Quest when inserted.

I'm glad u liked it, the slots are an idea for add on strap/rubber band to wrap it around the headset to prevent falling or for packing the charger and the cable with it, someone in reddit used Velcro cable ties and worked out for him.

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How long does this take to print? Thanks! I plan on buying a Ender 3 and using it.

took me 4:40 mins to print at 40 mm/s speed with 0.2 layer height and 10% infill.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Nice work. So you're finding sufficient clearance to avoid contacting the lenses? Is this spec'd to be firmly in place and safe with or without the eyeglasses spacer? Thanks!

It does contact the lenses when it’s pressed all the way in that is why I glued the paper cover that comes in the box to it, it fits firmly in it’s place plus the rings of the controllers rest on top of the headset which makes it even safer like a interlock puzzle,sadly I haven’t test the eyeglasses spacer yet.

Can you send me a picture of it touching the lenses? I specifically designed it not to touch so I want to fix that immediately if its touching yours!

i couldn't do it sorry, it is very tied tho, the third pic should give you an idea of how it touches the lenses.

Sorry I don't follow, which pic? I don't see one of it touching the lenses.

Another technique might be to combine this with https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3653631 -- assuming the protector still goes in far enough to hold firm when these are also in use.

Oculus Go / Quest / Rift S lens protector
by tanvach

https://www.thingiverse.com/make:664039 He has nice solution for the lenses.

Oculus quest protector

Yep, the foam can definitely help. On the other hand, I've seen reports of eyeglasses and lenses getting scratched even with the eyeglasses spacer installed -- this makes those lens ring adapters look more appealing -- they should prevent that entirely (unless you scratch your eyeglasses on the protectors). I'm in the process of printing the three available size sets right now.

OK, I'll wait on this then since I do need to use the eyeglasses spacer, and prefer no contact to contact (though perhaps the eyeglasses spacer would provide that extra margin ... Thanks.

Odd question but what are the dimensions of it for the 3d printer? As I don't have one and am looking to buy one and just want to make sure that this project will fit in it.

145 x 64 x 66 mm

When I sliced, some layers dissappeared, causing the print to fail. I'll look a little closer to determine what went wrong.

Try cura,I used cura, didn’t face any issue,

I use Cura (albeit, a pretty old version). It was very odd. A few layers on the center post disappeared and then reappeared, creating gaps when it printed. Strangely, I loaded your .STLs into Tinkercad and then exported (no changes made) and then re-sliced and the problem was solved. Not saying the problem is on your end or my end, just something I've never encountered before. I am printing the model again now.

Edit: upon closer look at the gcode, my slicer still introduced a gap. I've never encountered this issue before.Image attached. I also attached an animated gif showing one of the gaps in my gcode. You'll see that layers of the center support piece disappear. The "layers" only disappear in that area, not across the entire model. So weird.

Did you print with supports?

Yea it's strange, never seen anything like that before, I'm using cura 3.6.0 and didn't print it with supports, could the supports making this problem?

I dont think it was the supports. I sliced with an old legacy version of Cura 14.07. I upgraded Cura and the slicing is perfect now. Did you print this model without any supports? Thanks.

Is there a rift S version of this?

Unfortunately I don’t have the rift s or I would test it on it.

Sensational, minimalistic design! Cheers!

Thanks for your kind words sir.

I am printing this for my brother. I don't own a Quest so its not obvious to me: which model do I want to print? The one with or without the "nose cutout?"

the both should do the same, but the gap version is "suppose" to not wake up the device, I haven't' tested yet tho, let me know if you try it.

Thanks. So, I should probably print he one with the cut-out?

Cool design! I thought about doing this too so its awesome to see it pulled off. What are the rectangular slots on the sides for?

thanks to your design sir I was able to pull it off, the rectangular slots are an idea for add on strap/rubber band to wrap it around the headset to prevent falling.

Ah cool cool, let me know if you add those, I'd like to see pics!

Any chance this is working with the eyeglass insert?