load cell mount

by JBlock4 Jun 2, 2019
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Wow I've been into load cells recently and this is perfect! I'm actually designing a rocket engine test sand. been looking through so many load cells and load cell to computer interfaces. So expensive! Are you planning to build a data logger?

Yeah I have an old system and test stand that I built to test my hybrid engines, and now I am try to revamp my setup with the gimbal serving as the base mount for my new engines. I'm using some wemos chips to send data over wifi to a remote pi computer to display sensor data as well as to ignite the engine. I have some experience building test stands (some crappy some not) so if I can be of any assistance just let me know!

Thank you very much! The wifi wireless Idea is great! The setup I was working with require a long wire up to my computer which is annoying. I do have a wireless pad/test stand control system. So are you using a relay for ignition? Come to think of it, I've tried 3 different gimbal designs including my own, but didn't get a chance to try yours yet! I should really print it out and test it, because it looks super cool!

Thanks! I have been using a relay and 12V power supply to ignite the engines. I have used the long wire method and arduino serial monitor for sensor data in my earlier tests so I definitely feel the annoyance with having to deal with that :). But if I am going to upload my latest gimbal design which has mounting points, but is still fairly similar to the old design, so if you do want to make one It’ll be up here soon! But I’ve seen your gimbal design and it looks really nice! Definitely a lot more optimized for compactness than mine is :)

Haha thanks! Wireless is what I want to go with! I can't wait for your gimbal design! Once the new one comes out, i'll surely print it! I like how you put the SPACE graphics on it