Dragon Scale Bracelet

by Crbn8ed Jun 2, 2019
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Cool design! had some trouble to find the Vase mode in Cura.
My Issue: I used ABS for durability reasons, the print came out too stringy. I may try with less speed (60mm/s) and put the cooling on.

I also observed the nozzle drove several time to the edge of the bed, why is that? Also, it moved around to different segments and did not strictly spiral as I would have expected. I that an issue with Cura? (v4.1.0)

What machine are you using? I'm using a CR-10S and downloaded the Creawsome mod for Cura, it improved my prints a lot.


I'm not sure why the nozzle would go to the edge of the bed. Should the G code have an issue you can load the G code file back into Cura and it will show you the exact path the machine will take based on the code not the 3D file.

As far as it moving to different sections, I had the same issue. I think it is due to the design of the bracelet, it can't follow the path exactly as it would if it were a cylinder or square.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I am also using a 2018 CR10S but with the original Firmware- I will look into the mod.
I noticed a number of erratic behavior occasions during other prints, like "home not found" (the home position shifted 1 inch to the right every time) or the print starts with offset from the center.
Or suddenly the print runs with app. 20mm/s and a weird super soft acceleration profile (even I turned off the "jerk control" in Cura),
or the latest is the Extruder retracts the filament almost 300mm mid print and feeds it back.

When I check Cura in the preview mode there is no such head movement visible- and I don't see a reason to follow your zig-zag line in a spiral way up (at least before and after the pointy part in the middle).
Will keep you posted.

1st post: I just realized it is a Cura-mod, NOT a printer FW mod. Which Controller board version do you use- and which firmware version? I intend to add the BLtouch soon and maybe add Octoprint as well.

Check your end stop switches. Make sure they are connected securely and make sure the switches are contacting the right spots on the X ,Y , and Z axis’, this may be the reason you’re having homing issues. This is just a guess but check the machine settings and your beginning code in cura. I’m using the controller and and firmware that came with the printer. The only mods I have installed are a Bondtech extruded and fang mod for cooling.

The funky behavior started only after I went through almost 2 pounds of PLA, so there was a "normal function" before. The only modification I did was to:
1) add Smoother modules (the Schottky diode modules)- makes the motors less noisy but does not smooth the print all that much
2) Exchange ALL fans for Noctura (and add 2x120mm under the control box, remove the internals)
3) Install Racket ball feet (lot of noise reduction but the whole rig can start shaking... have to think of an improvement)
4) some nick-nacks like the Z-Axis lead screw top fixture, a Y-axis cable chain, a proper Filament sensor fixture and a monster-Spool holder

I noticed some sensitivity since I extended the motor driver cable - I am planning to re-wire the whole thing and install Aviation connectors (the same style that are on the box) throughout so I can move or disconnect the rig from the box. I guess I will use shielded cables then.

The end stop switches only activate when moving to the home position- but the X moves away from it and finally bangs in the other (unswitched) end. Again I think it is an EMC issue with the cheap electronics- have you ever seen the display lights up although the printer is off when you move the build plate?

OK, I guess we should post all that in the facebook group as it is not really any wrist band design issue :-)

Of all the mods you’ve installed the diodes seem like they could be the issue. I forgot I installed some of them too along with motor isolators which I think work better than the diodes, they definitely made it quieter. It sounds like the polarity on the x axis is backwards. The display does light up when I move the Y axis. I think the motor is acting like a generator when I move the bed. I thought the diodes were supposed to stop that though. Either way I don’t think it’s doing any damage.
The best advice I can give is try to put everything back to original as best you can then see what kind of print you get.

Good Luck

Thanks again for the Creawsome link.
I did find out one thing: the erratic behavior happens when I use the "advanced printer setup" in Cura. Using the basic visibility the print is much smoother- go figure!
I installed the patch today and I am trying to print some pearls with fine resolution. However I noticed again that the Extrude retracted the filament COMPLETELY once (so the filament came out of the drive and would not go back in). Luckily I was next to the printer and manually pushed the filament back in.
So still something fishy either with the slicing or with the printer.

I would check the machine settings in cura. It may be set for a different machine which may make the motors run backwards. I would also remove the diodes just to eliminate them as a possible problem. Check your wiring too and make sure they’re in the correct position. Beyond that I’m not sure.