Highly Refined & Detailed Tardis

by 23Maple Jun 18, 2014
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Any ideas how to combat the mess that cura produces when slicing the 'ceiling' below the pyramidal top? It starts attempting to extrude from inside-out, dumping 3 layers worth of plastic in the open air.

see https://imgur.com/umcn1gr for an example...

Beautiful model! Are you willing to share the original CAD file(s) as well? I would like to do a couple things that'd likely be easier as cad objects rather than a mesh. If not no biggie - I can make it work :)

Is it bigger on the inside?

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Its smaller on the outside!

Hello 23Maple...you made a great model...I remixed it into a bank...it can out very well and these as gifts are received well...thank you for shearing your design. Best regards. I will post it in your remix listing.

Prints very nicely at 40/mms 0.2 with no problems with the windows so long as you print it standing with no supports. Thanks for the design!

Here is a timelapse I made of it


no matter how careful I am, I always manage to break the window frames when removing supports. Will this print without supports there?

How tall and wide does this print up? And can the size be adjusted? I'm new to this. :) Thanks!

I think it's 113mm tall and maybe 30ish wide to start. yes, though below 60ish mm tall you will likely lose detail on the lettering.

and for whateverreason it's on it's side. turn it right side up to print. no support material required.

is the 90mm the layer height needed to print?

No, that's just the shortest overall height I tested it at, though others have had success with it down to 75mm or shorter. You can use whatever layer height you like within reason. I tested at default makerbot, which i think is .2mm.

Why have you up loaded it on its side?

That's just how it uploaded and at the time you couldn't edit. Eventually I'll get around to putting it upright again.

It was on it's base when I uploaded it- thingiverse reoriented it onto it's side. So far no one has had issues turning it rightside up.

no matter which way you orient it, do you still have to use support material?

I always have printed it right side up and have never needed any support material..

Does it really print sideways like that or should I stand it up on end? I'm looking to print this at about 50% size on a makerbot replicator 5g

Please orient so the tardis is sitting with the open end down.

Thanks for getting back so quick. I'm printing it now.

Thank you so much for noticing! The text I tested and worked with for a while (as evidenced by the slight change between my pictured version and the featured download, where I deleted the 'Call Box' sub lettering to make more room for the larger text. )

Prints beautifully. The text is remarkably clear.

Printed with a raft, but no supports required on our rep2.

Printed without supports?