Next Level Sheet: 3d Printable Typeface

by 9999NYC Jun 18, 2014
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Thanks, these print perfectly in vase mode

Good design, good work. Thanks ¡¡¡

Would you allow us to use your beautiful letters for the sign of our shop?
Thank you very much!

Claudia and José

Did you mount these to a wall? Any suggestions for doing that?

This has to be the best set of letters I've seen! Kudos to you fella. Whats the best settings to print these? Ive a flash forge creator pro?

The most beautiful 3d font we have seen. Great, modern design.
You will have a bright future, Congratulations!

They are amazing! :D

Can you send me the letter "B" in editable part (solidworks part), I want to project a work with you letters, but only the letter "B" couldn't be made... =/

I found these still needed a raft. I printed a letter C without the raft, and one end of the C peeled off at the start. It still printed OK, but it seems safer to print with a raft.
I also found I could print in "low quality" (layer height = 0.30 mm), and it comes out OK.
Great Thing, thank you!

I had a problem with the "i". There's one part (at the top of the letter) where rather than being 0.8 mm wide, it comes to a point. This causes issues with my slicer trying to make it one layer wide. The other letters I tried worked great.

These print and slice perfectly, don't change anything! If there is an error, it is on the user's side. I used MakerWare and SImplify3D to print mine. They came out amazing!!

Great design!
Unfortunately, I'm running into trouble with Slic3r (I'm getting the impression that it fails miserably on exactly-sized walls), where it specifically is dropping out the first layer. Is anyone else using Slic3r with these models, and if so, are you seeing the same problem?

do you know if there is an ideal wall thickness I could make these to print nicely with slicer? I can upload a 1mm thick one maybe to test

9999NYC, sorry to trouble you with oddball slicer issues. It especially puts things in perspective that for my old printer I was using Skeinforge (slow as it was) just fine with models generated for exact multiples of the nozzle and layer-height.
Last night I was experimenting, and it appears that 2.1 times the nozzle diameter slices just fine for making thin walls (I can print my optical designs again!). That comes out to walls that are 0.84 mm in the XY plane. It might be possible to go lower than that, but the current end result is optically clear so I'm happy. :)
Oh, and for detailed reference, I'm currently using Slic3r 1.0.0RC3, and will likely try upgrading to a more recent version soon to see if that fixes the weird behavior I'm seeing when slicing exactly-thick-enough walls (something I do all the time in my OpenSCAD scripts).

For some reason, this prints very very slowly on Cura / Ultimaker... Seems like something to do with acceleration settings as it keeps slowing down around the bends a bit too much..so much so that it starts to ooze..

Do you think there is something I could change with the geometry that would allow them to print nicely on an Ultimaker? I dont have access to one of those but I would like to figure out these sort of things. Thanks for the heads up!

I think these things are great for leaving secret messages or something. Though i have to agree with pioo and ask that you include numbers, it would completely widen the world of things you can say with these.

numbers on their way~!

Nice work. This is amazing

Number please :D Nice work :)

Seconded. This is just what I need for my house number sign -- numbers would be AWESOME!

Yeah print it transparent mount it to a board and edge light it with leds that turn on at night!

numbers are up!

cant see them?

You can unzip the .thing to get the STL! (with 7zip or an other tool)