Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Scale Goose & Straight Neck Equipment Trailer

by daver18qc Jun 8, 2019
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You can now print yourselves some wheels, look for :

  • Suspension_Swing_Arm_v3.stl
  • Dually_Tire_v1.stl
  • Dually_Wheel_v1.stl
  • Wheel_Bearing_Spacer_5mm.stl

Parts List

  • (4x) Tires
  • (4x) Wheels
  • (4x) Bearing Spacers


  • (8x) Bearing 4x13x5mm (or 624ZZ)
  • (4x) M4x35 bolts + Nuts

I uploaded some railings you can screw each side so you can attach hooks and chains.

There is 4mm space between the rail and bed.
If your hooks don't fit, you can try my MEDIUM printable hooks here :

P.S.: This will not fit the 25mm forward rear bed, i will publish a remix that will fit soon !

Scale *Working* Chain Binder (Lever Load Binder)

I uploaded a version of the rear bed with the wheels 25mm more towards the front, for better balance and less weight on your hitch !
Look for "Bed_Rear_25mm_FW"

Done printing trailer, used straight neck version. printing diamond plate deck at the moment and waiting on hardware to show up. files are nice and clean, little worried about how it will handle weight but it looks fantastic. nice work on the design.

I've got the goose neck, which flexes more than the straight neck, and my dozer of about 18 pounds barely flexes the trailer bed.

I'm using long M4 bolts to connect the parts, it gives it alot of strenght.

My guess is you'd need a better suspension swing with bearings and better wheel hubs before having to upgrade the bed.
I will probably mod something to that effect later, as bolts through PLA are hardly long lasting as wheel shafts, i'll need something better along the road for sure !

Click (Post a Make) and upload some pictures if you can/want :D

Good to know, I will definitely post the make once it's done. I was thinking of remixing bearings in too. If i do i will post it as remix parts of this design.

Awesome work man! I'm not into RC Trucks but like the work your doing! :-)

Thanks ! Getting better with Fusion360 everyday, so i'm making increasingly complex shapes, things that would have taken me weeks back in the day with Sketchup, i'm now doing in a day !

I would be interested in a straight connection for my Tundra please.

Can't really see your rear hitch setup in that picture so made a couple of options. Look in the description for the info and choose your poison in the files section ! :P

Got it, I will take a look. I wish 3d printing was what is now many years ago. I am used to making everything by hand, attached is a trailer I made for my Sand Scorcher that I pull behind my Hilux.

Same here! Before i got my printer i was doing stuff like that, with metal plates and such. I must have breathe so much aluminum filings, i'm sure i can't go through airport security :)

LOL, if get a chance to print this I will post a pic of it built. I think my Fast attack vehicle might go on it.

Quite a long print, i'm about 80% done going on about 16 hours.
I modified the files alot since the original upload, be sure to get the latest files !

Will do I have a lot of other things in front of it. I need more printers, LOL