Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Dungeonsticks Stone Dungeon Door Compatible Wood Gran Door Remix of Remixes

by inebrious Jun 8, 2019
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Thanks. It isnt perfect - so if you ahve time to shave the top a bit it will help it open. I pretty much can use tinkercad and nothing else - so fixing it is.. challenging.

They came out ok. The detail is very nice, but I realized you made it based off of my rev 2 model. I made some changes. The rev3 is much better. It works with the rev3 parts though the pegs being a little longer would help.

i should be able to apply update that.

I don't use tinkercad much, but I did see the sections near the top you missed. I didn't notice them before. I have 4 printing now, it may be too small to show much. I did use tinkercad on your door to make a 19mm radius arch (I unioned a 19mm cylinder with a 19mm hole cylinder and a 1mm offset.) It wasn't perfect, but it's pretty close. I subtracted that from the main door on both sides. There's also Meshlab (free) and if you can find the old github version of Netfabb Basic (also free)... it's a very good program for spliting up models.

this isnt my thing :) i tossed up an updated one using your V2 door. I have NOT tested it yet (all my printers.. ALL of them are running on multi day things right now... blah)

It's all good. I have four right now. I'm also working on a larger project, so it may be a bit before I get back to Dungeonsticks. It was mostly a way to get rid of scrap material at the end of a spool.

i have the "thing" open right now - with the new door etc. Going to try to re-apply. Thanks for the tip :)