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Star Wars Legion Scale Droid pack.

by Zenmaster_Maker Jun 9, 2019
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Thank you so much for all these very cool files , good work , .

Any hopes for my boy RX-24? (Pilot droid for Star Tours and DJ for Galaxy's Edge Cantina)

now you gotta add D-O! :)

Who's the blue asshole?

that would be BC-44.

Dig it all hope you get a chance to get R5 added as soon as you can thank for saving me the work lol

Tried printing K2SO at %200 scale, lots of pieces end up getting cut out of Cura 4.2.1 I suggest people view the slicer previews closely before sending to printer. May e printing at the Legion scale it works but if you're planning on making little figurines you'll prolly want at least 300% scaling and to use supports on the piece in some areas.

Love this. However, the R9 droid is missing multiple layers and can't be printed.

i see you already talked a bit about scaling....but i'm looking for 25mm and 28mm scale....which is think is somewhere like 1:70, 1:72, 1:75...anybody know how muchi need to scale them to make them 25 and 28mm scale?

20mm is 1:72 you want more like 1:60

What I do is download a 28mm figure and open it up in 3d Builder then import the model you want to scale and eye ball a decent scale. Save and print.

What I do is download a 28mm figure and open it up in 3d Builder then import the model you want to scale and eye ball a decent scale. Save and print.

I love this collection of droids! What is the SW legion scale? I collect droids in 6" scale but wanted some in tabletop gaming scale for my mini collection too: 1" =6' or 28mm tabletop. I may have to reduce scale a lot?
Many thanks to you for these, and to any and all the other designers who have contributed to fans like me, to add lovely droidsies to our precious collections!

Thanks Maciver for taking the time to reply to this for Rjolivier . i must have missed the e-mail saying i had gotten a new comment. i use the same 1/47 -1/48 scale. models with lightsabers tend to be a bit larger. but i have noticed FF did the same with the core set vader and luke and I try to match that.

Sure, crediting the folks who spent the time to develop and post the original files would probably be nice. Especially since you're soliciting followers to allow "you" to bring more content to the site.

you are credited in the remix. some of the models did not come from thingiverse so the artist can not be listed in the remix. if you wish your model to be removed from the pack I will be happy to do so. if you want more credit in the description i can do that too. this pack is just to bring more droids to the Star wars legion terrain. yes i want to see followers, it lets me know people want more legion scale items. not all of my uploads are remixs

What's stopping you from crediting the off-site creators in the summary?

I can not link outside creators in the remix section. And unless the artist puts a name in the readme file i don't have a name to credit them with as i have had some of these files for a few years.

Thanks for the files,keep the good work and the good personality