by Vinos88 Jun 9, 2019
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This i s a great upgrade to a machine with so much more scope. firmware works great too even prints TPU.

thank you! I'm glad it works so well for you!

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I was wondering, how do you attach the bearings to the top plate? Just by zip ties?
Nothing to place them in or hold them down?
Really nice design btw! prints like a charm and easy to assemble. Just need to mount it to the printer itself ^^

hey thank you for your response!
just use the black bearing holders that came with the printer! the holes match the ones on the carriage. it's a one way fit! just keep in mind that you might need some longer bolts for the cooling fan and hot-end holders.

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Lol! Didn't think of that one :p That's just genius ^^
Thanks for the quick response!! I'll upload some pics once I have my setup running.

that would be great!
I'm very interested in seeing the end result!

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Hi, would you be able to upload the STL for the fan plate?
I couldn't find it in the files and I'm not very good with CAD so my attempt at exporting it from the step file was a bit wonky.

fan plate is uploaded now.

sorry it seems I might have accidentally deleted that file. I'll post it as soon as possible!
step files could also be opened in fusion360. I find that an easy program to learn and use.

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Hi, I am just building a customised CoreXY with a Chimera Aqua installed. Now I am looking for a cool and suitable layer cooling.
I like your design very much as it looks not that massive as others. I wonder if you would share the STEP-File/Fusion360 for the fan duct?

hey thank you for your message! the f360 file is in the download folder already! :)
if you manage to design something new please show it to me!
I'm curious to see what you come up with!

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Thanks for your fast reply. Unfortunately I do not find the fan duct but the fan plate in the f360 file :-(

I'm sorry I didn't had the time to check but i see i've uploaded the wrong file!
the correct (step)file is uploaded, the name of the file will contain x-carriage so you know you'll have the correct file!

Good to know ... I started questioning myself ;-)

lol sorry hahaha

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are you sure that you selected all parts in the navigation bar of fushion? the lightbuld next to object?
also is the folder objects folded out?

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