Marlin 1.1.9 Flsun Cube Stock, Chimera and Cyclops

by Vinos88 Jun 9, 2019
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I've downloaded the files, but I cannot extract the zipped firmware files! Can you please check the uploaded files?

use 7-zip or 10-zip, it works with that for sure.

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I just got my 2nd cube assembled over the weekend. My 2nd cube has chimera, dual hot ends and BLTouch. I hope this firmware will work for it. I will apply the firmware soon. Thank you so much for sharing this.

thank you for your reply!
yes it should work very well.
keep in mind that the z-sensor offset in the firmware is based on the x-carriage in the description.

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Before I flash firmware tonight, I looked at the configuration.h file and BLTouch is commented. You have inductive sensor so I believe I need to comment out the fix mount probe and uncomment the bltouch section. I'll give it a go later.



  • Z Servo Probe, such as an endstop switch on a rotating arm.
    //#define Z_PROBE_SERVO_NR 0 // Defaults to SERVO 0 connector.
    //#define Z_SERVO_ANGLES {70,0} // Z Servo Deploy and Stow angles


  • The BLTouch probe uses a Hall effect sensor and emulates a servo.
    //#define BLTOUCH


    //#define BLTOUCH_DELAY 375 // (ms) Enable and increase if needed


Unless you have a bltouch keep it commented. The probe is set-up elsewhere in Marlin

Downloaded carriage and this firmware, Use winrar to extract install via arduino and ran M502/ M500 comands through there.

Had to update mks display to v3 lost auto level but printer is printing fine.

thank you for your reply!
how did you lose auto level?
after updating the MKS screen?
If so I'll see if I can provide you with the screen file I use.

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I can't get them to extract either

what do you try to extract? the hex file does not need to be extracted. only the main zip file.

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Hy I have problem, i download it because unzip is error messeng. Why i don't extract it? Can you help me? thank you :)

maybe try another unzipper like 7-zip or winrar etc

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This looks great. One question.. if I want to disable auto leveling, how would I do that? I am having issues with my auto sensor and just want to use an end stop for now.

you can turn this of in marlin using the program arduino IDE.
or you just don't use the auto level button on your touchscreen.

in Marlin I can't tell you exactly which line it is but if you can wait for a couple of days I will upload a version with manual bed leveling.

is it for the chimera version?

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Thanks for the speedy reply! Yes it's for the Flsun Chimera cube (my auto level sensor was being held by a piece that would become flimsy when the extruders heated up and made it useless).

I am just learning how to disable things in Arduino, but coudnt figure it out quite yet. When I tried to compile it gave me errors.

When I use printer face, I press Z Home and it moves the bed down. The End stop for the Z axis doesn't seem to do anything when I manually push it.

I can absolutely wait for something like that (the manual level version). I greatly appreciate the offer!

thank you and no problem.
you could also look into a x-carriage upgrade, I've designed one based on moondocter's x-carriage that holds the z-sensor.
the firmware with auto bed leveling is optimised with that set-up you could look into that, meanwhile if I find some spare time I'll look into the manual bed leveling for you.

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Great! I'll check it out the x carriage upgrade! I hope it can print on a smaller printer as I haven't used my FLSUN yet, only have my Monoprice Mini

did you had the time to try and print it already? did it work out for you?

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I printed them - it looks awesome! I had a few issues that I am trying to get around

  1. I think I need to lower the extruders or something because it sits a bit too high (the print bed hits the rod holders - this is difficult to explain but I think it's an easy fix with a few spacers)

  2. My big issue which is completely unrelated to this is that my Y-Axis moves WAY harder/faster than my Z axis & X Axis. I have not found a solution yet as it appears as though my microstepping jumpers are set up exactly the same throughout. It must be a voltage thing?

Regardless, the print looks awesome and holds things much better! I am going to try and use your original firmware so please do not feel the need to upload the one without the auto leveling. I will do everything I can to get auto leveling working. Thanks for everything you have done

be aware that the stock firmware is the single nozzle firmware and because I have a chamera I couldn't test it properly.
the difference in speed could be because of feedrate settings...
it sounds like a weird thing that you have though hahaha

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Absolutely - I have the Chimera setup as well and I downloaded the Chimera firmware - It is definitely a unique issue I need to deal with haha. Thanks for everything though!

Check your start g-code maybe there is a line that has a feedrate value just for that slow axis...

the parts aren't very big because I made it in separate smaller parts that press fit into eachother. the monoprice mini is a small printer so I don't know for sure if it will fit... only one way to find out hahaha

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ATTENTION: Firmware does not answer. Try to continue ...

i flash with aduino :) and
I have never used the touchscreen

i have uploaded a V2 please try that one. I disabled advanced driver options maybe that works.

Do you still use stock stepper drivers? I'm checking the FW at the moment but I can't find anything that shouldn't be there yet.

LESEN: echo:Marlin 1.1.9
Marlin 1.1.9
Last Updated: 2018-08-01 | Author: (06.07.19-17:00, default config)
Compiled: Jul 6 2019
Free Memory: 3899 PlannerBufferBytes: 1520
V55 stored settings retrieved (655 bytes; crc 42007)
G21 ; (mm)
Filament settings: Disabled
M200 D1.75
M200 D0
Steps per unit:
M92 X100.00 Y100.00 Z402.00 E90.90
Maximum feedrates (units/s):
M203 X250.00 Y250.00 Z2.00 E17.00
Maximum Acceleration (units/s2):
M201 X1000 Y1000 Z4 E750
Acceleration (units/s2): P R T
M204 P3000.00 R3000.00 T3000.00
Advanced: Q S T X Y Z E
M205 Q20000 S0.00 T0.00 X20.00 Y20.00 Z0.40 E5.00
Home offset:
M206 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.00
Auto Bed Leveling:
M420 S0
PID settings:
M301 P22.20 I1.08 D114.00
Z-Probe Offset (mm):
M851 Z-1.30
SD init fail
Active Extruder: 0

this code shows nothing faulty, at least not how far I can tell...
sorry but the only thing I can ask you is to wait one or 2 days, I'll check the files again for faulty settings and in the meantime you could try reflashing it either with arduino IDE software or the hex file. please unplug your touchscreen or display when you flash the firmware this might cause problems to.
and please follow the guide I wrote down in the description

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ok now it works, but I do not get an echo for commands
M500 M501 M502 works. at times he says that he can not read the firmware, load hardcode

have you used the .hex file or used arduino IDE?

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i used the stock version and now ;D
EEPROM version mismatch (EEPROM=V40 Marlin=V55)

Did it work out for you?

Try sending M501 and then M500.
use capital 'M' or else it doesn't work.

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how did you flash it? with the hex file or arduino IDE?

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Yes sorry got caught up in the build, only one thermistor was set in the firmware. I put them both to 5 and boom works great.

That's strange, I run the same firmware and they both work for me... but nice to see that you've got it working!

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Hello all, I just about finished assembling my flsun cube. Chimera setup.
Touch screen. This version of Marlin. Has anyone been able to get the second extruder thermistor to work?

did you get it working yet?

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if your second thermistor doesn't work, please check if you connected all wires correctly to the board and check if the cables don't have any breaks.
especially at the thermistor itself.
also make sure your slicer allows you to have 2 thermistors for the chimera and not the cyclops acrivated.

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