Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand

by Arron_mollet22 Jun 9, 2019
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Same problem, not fit, too tight.

This design can be assembled right off the print bed for me. The tolerances are pretty tight however. I hope to upload a loose tolerance version of some of the parts soon. Thanks for printing!

What an amazing design, I would like to modify to mount on top of a computer monitor and maybe see if I can mod to use rubber bands instead of the springs. It would be super helpful if you could share STEP or Fusion project, at least for a few of the parts that I would need to modify (like the arm and mount, and the back slider (to see if I can mod for rubber bands). Love the design, great work!

Haha my Spring is to strong for my Iphone 7Plus :D Need a weaker spring for this

Haha yea I did take sorting through a few options of springs to find one that worked perfectly. Hope you found one that works.

Great design. I love that this stand consists (almost) only from 3d printed parts (apart from the spring).

I only find that the tolerances used in the design are too tight for my printer. I dialed in my printer for tolerances ranging from 0.1-0.15mm for a tight fit, but that is not enough to get these parts to fit easily.
Also my phone (S10+) with silicon sleeve does not fit into the brackets, they are a few mm too tight.

Care to share the Fusion files so i can modify for the tolerances and/or the width of the brackets? I'm also curious whether the spring could be a 3d printed part, so that this design fully consists of 3d printed parts? Would like to try that too.

I used Fillamentum Extrafill Vertigo Grey PLA filament for the base parts and Innofil Orange PLA for the gears and stuff. Looks great together. No pictures 'though since i cannot assemble it due to the tolerances.

Hey thanks for trying! I have my printer dialed in pretty well so it assembles right off the print bed. I hope to upload some of the parts with more tolerance soon!

How big of a phone can this hold?

This was designed for iPhone 8 Plus so anything around that size. Hope to upload a few modifications soon.

Very nice design! I would love to see a version for holding a phone in portrait mode!

Pretty high demand for this so ill be working on it

There should really be an option for another Stand_Link. Nice design though

I agree! Hoping to eventually have lots of options.

Fantastic design. I've been looking for the perfect dash mount for my mother's car.

Thanks! Is landscape orientation sufficient for your application?

do you think you could upload your fusion files, or perhaps release a different right side clip that has an offset prong for plugging in a charger?

Have already designed that feature and will upload soon! Ill let you know when its up.

Any chance you can make an adapter or rotated piece so it can be in portrait mode as well?

Maybe my printer lacks accuracy or I oriented things wrong but basically anything that connects to another thing, I had to either resize or remix to allow for more tolerance.

This is designed to be assembled right off the print bed, and has proven to do so, however I do understand 3d printing isn't always as exact as we would like so im planning to upload versions with more tolerance. Thanks for the effort and sorry for the inconvenience.

Same here, the slots for the bolts don't fit properly.

one of he coolest designes ever seen . will try printing it.

Thanks so much! Hope the print went well!

Similar to a lot of the other posts, I'm having a lot of trouble with the parts fitting.

The left and right gears/arms don't want to snap together, just slightly too large.
I bought the exact spring pack from the amazon link and there is not a 5mm x 10mm spring in the kit so I don't have a spring that will fit inside the enclosure without modifications.

Haven't had a chance to try the rest yet as I'm busy shaving things off to try to get it to snap together. Some of this could be fixed by printing some pieces at the same time with supports between them that snap off, similar to the Flexi builds on here (the gears and arms), I might try that if I can't get it to work through mods.

EDIT: So I've been able to get the spring to work and start snapping pieces together. The modifications needed were very slight. Will update once more once I either succeed or fail at constructing the rest.

EDIT: Last update until I figure something out, reprint, or chalk it up to a loss. This might be my printer, I don't have a high-end model (FlashForge Finder) but once the gears and spring are in they're too tight, I can't even pull them down with my hands, much less the phones weight. The nuts/bolts don't fit together and the bolts don't fit into the case. I printed everything at the scale it was at when downloaded and modded nothing. SO very likely my printer just can't do these small parts as well as needed for this project, but it doesn't work at all for me unfortunately. So word of warning to Flashforge Finder users out there, you might need to slim down the connections to make sure everything slides smoothly for this.

FINAL EDIT: I was able to get it together using pliers to force the bolts/screws into place, they snapped in nice and securely at that point. My iPhone 8 is a bit heavy for it and doesn't fit in the grips with its case on, so I had to have it sitting at an angle that isn't great for viewing, but it does work.

Sorry it was such a struggle! Ill be the first to admit there is still some dialing in to be done. Ive had no trouble assembling right off the print bed but agree the stand could be improved to support the phone at a wider range of viewing angles. Thanks so much for printing and Ill try to remember to shoot you a note in this thread when I update the stand.

To get rid of the spring have you considered incorporating Compliant mechanisms in the design? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97t7Xj_iBv0

Very interesting! Thanks for the inspiration!

Printed the black parts last night and given that I printed them all at the same time, the fit of the parts is totally off. The gopro style toothed mounts don't slide together at all. The "bolts" don't fit and the arm holder bits are too tight. I'm going to reprint them scaled down. The orange parts I have printed today but not had a chance to test fit yet.

PETG parts came out nicely but again the fit isn't good. Had to sand down the mounting lugs for the gears to fit on. The central mount for the long toothed part was too wide so had to sand that down as well and the bolts for the armature don't fit into the nuts.

Sorry you had so much trouble. Things should fit right off the print bed but are tight to mechanically work well. I will be providing versions of some of the pieces with more tolerance soon for those that ran into struggles.

We finally got the holder finished and working. I was a fun build -Thanks for the design. Here are a few changes I had to make to get it working for me:
Scaled to 90% ( This complicated the build as the Cura scaling wasn't too great)
Used ABS filament.
Replaced the small pins with sort pieces of filament.
Used a tiny rubber band instead of the spring.
Did a lot of sanding to loosen the parts.
It was a great design and I hope these little tips will help other builders. Thanks
Next I'm going to enlarge it to fit my notebook.

Thanks for printing! How did it go with the tablet?

nice design. would it be possible for a vertical version for like a car mount I know there is one you can buy online but if I have a 3d printer why not use it!?

Nice idea and thansk for the design.
The tolerance is a bit too tight. They don't really need to be that tight.
Arm to spur gear, 3 finger mounts, rack, all requires quite a bit of sanding.

They actually fit together right off the print bed when I print. I have spent what some would consider an excessive amount of time dialing in my dimensional accuracy however haha. Ill be releasing versions of some of the parts with more tolerance soon.

Well Arron, I got the last parts printed out today. It's a really nice design for a cell holder and it printed out really nice without problems. I scaled it by 10% figuring by my calculations it would fit my S5. used ABS. We will find out if it works if I can figure out how to put it together right. Your photos should help. That's a project for next rainy day. Thanks for your design.

Thanks for printing! Hope the assembly went well!

Is the hinge interface on the back of the phone holding section - where the truss arm joins in - based on a standardized size? I'm curious if this will fit into the modular mounting system (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3689842)

I would be interested in designing some fittings for this to attach it to my work bench.

Modular Mounting System - Arm Straight V4

It was not based on anything standard. Wasn't aware of a standard until reading this comment haha. Maybe a mod I can make soon.

I'm watching it print out now, can't wait to try it!. I did the math on it, and if you print the model at 87% size it should work perfectly for the normal sized iphones. If it all goes according to plan, I'll post a make once it's done!

Did this work?? I worry about the width if just reducing the overall scale.

I love the design and printed the parts, though I'm having an issue with the spring peg on the rack snapping off. I'm not sure if the spring (it's from the kit linked in the description) is too strong, me using too much force, or that it's printed in Polyalchemy Elixir. I've literally printed this part 4 times... ideas?

Alt.: if you have the Fusion 360 files available, I can play around with trying to reinforce the peg (I'm still learning F360, so I'm just winging it anyway)

Also, I 2nd brnout's comment of needing to figure out how many of each part to print from cross referencing photos and then seeing brnout's comments.

I had a lot of trouble with the pins especially since I scaled it down to 90%.Found a simple solution -- Drill out the pins and replace with a short piece of filament. It worked for me. Also I used a very small rubber band instead of the suggested spring.

All those vertically printer tabs are very weak. Before you install the spring dab a little quick drying epoxy on them. Works on anything that breaks easy and size is not critical .

I will try this just to see if this is a quick enough fix. Otherwise I will go with DangerouslyExplosive's comment. Thanks

Well, this did work... but turns out there are some tight tolerances with the rack element. So it doesn't screw together fully.

And half-way through assembly, another peg (this time on the gears) broke off. Reprinted, assembled, not very smooth to move. WD40, moves better, but not enough to hold a phone as the video shows.

Elixir was a cool idea, but it doesn't work for this... I will be reprinting those parts in a different material as DangerouslyExplosive recommended. Thanks for the help though.

Elixir filaments have a reputation for being quite brittle and prints are known to snap easily. Since this design seems to work fine for others, I'd give it a go in another material. Try using something a bit more robust, PETG, ABS or PLA+ should all work without issues. I'm printing mine using Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA and some PETG (same as OP, different brands tho), and I've not had any issues.

I've now learned. I wasn't aware of the reputation, but I do know they state "don't use for any structurally integral components". I didn't think it would be so brittle, but it is.

I'm going to try what banjopad mentioned, with some epoxy, first just to see if (and how long) it will work. If not, I'll have to see what I have that goes with the Elixir or try something else.

I used BAMtack PLA for the everything else (basically, the same 2 color setup as OP, with BAMtack as the base/supports, and Elixir for the moving parts and bolts. The print has not snapped off anything on the back_panel)

I've been using Zyltech for most things, and haven't seen any issues. If you want to give it a try (www.zyltech.com), you can use the code MELTY to get 15% off. Makes most PLA less than $14/kg. They also have PETG and others

Wow, very impressive. Preheating now :)

Hope it printed well!

Thank you! Would love to see how it turns out!

I rarely download other peoples work, but I've got to say this is a wonderful design. Great engineering!

Thanks so much, I appreciate you downloading!

Beautiful work! I will print one and post pics imminently :) - Chris

Thanks! Checked out your website. Been wanting to try fillamentium for while, might have to give it shot soon.

I really like this. I have been trying to do more in fusion and I am going to try and duplicate your work from scratch myself. Not to post, just to learn as what you have done here is just such a great example of form and function.

Awesome let me know if you have any questions I can help with!

This looks fantastic. I also would like a vertical version for an iPhone X (not max) that I can adapt to be a car mount. I don't know Fusion 360. but if you were willing to share step or iges files, I could maybe make some mods in Solidworks.

Something I’m planning to work on as soon as I get a chance.

Looks really great. Not sure if possible but what would make this even better is ability to mount a wireless charger in it so you can use it at a desk for all day phone power and visibility.

Yep definitely something I considered while designing. Might need to be a feature of V2. Thanks for the input!

This looks super cool! I'm looking forward printing it! Any chance you can also make a tablet version for the Ipad or similar ~10" Tablets?

This is definitely something I’ve considered. I suppose I will come out with new versions based on the number of requests for new features. So your request has been noted and I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can. Thanks for printing!

any one has any luck with iphone x?

This was meant to work with larger devices, this is the first issue I’d like to address with a second version.

Could you please post the .f3d file or a link to it?

Fabulous job a big cheer!
do you think about making a version to put the phone vertical? do you sell the step file? (personal use -> no sales of course)

Thanks! I actually have been thinking of designing a vertical version or perhaps some design that accommodates both ideally. You are interested in making mods with the step file?

yes I'm very bad at gear ... I wanted to try to create the vertical version but if you already work on the subject I can wait

Love the design and just posted a make (https://www.thingiverse.com/make:670245). You might want to note that you need multiples of several pieces. They're in your photo but it's easy to overlook (at least it was for me - I had to go print a few more pieces when I went to assemble it.)

  • two Bolt Short
  • two Bolt Stand
  • two Nut Stand
  • two Slider
Mechanical Quick Grab/Release Phone Stand
by brnout

Great point and sorry it wasn't as clear as it could have been the first time through. Thanks for the input, ill update the printing instructions shortly.

Looks great! I read you need to get your hands on smaller devices to create a version which can accommodate them. Just a suggestion, but maybe you can just print a smaller "blank" in the dimensions of a smaller iPhone. :D

Solid suggestion, I might just do that.

I really like this design .Very well thought through and a great idea.
Will absolutely print this mobile stand :-) .

Thank you so much! Let me know how it goes!

Love the look of this. Any Chance of making a Vertical Version? I'm not a huge face of the horizontal layout of the iPhone unless I'm looking at videos. Everything else I would use it for would be in the vertical format.

Definitely something I've been considering. I think ideally I could come up with a universal design that could accommodate both portrait and landscape. Thanks for the input!

I actually really like the design and i plan to print over the next few days. Is there any plan of making a vertical version? As opposed to the current horizontal design.

Yep I will definitely be continuing to iterate. Perhaps a universal design that would work for both portrait and landscape. Let me know how the print turns out!

Hey really cool design, do you by chance have any tutorials on how to design this in fusion 360? Would love to see how you draw the gears :)

In fusion 360 there is a tap in the top tool bar called "ADD-INS", click that and go to the scripts tab. Toward the bottom you will find "Spur Gear" which will help you generated different size spur gears early quickly, much quicker than doing it manually at least. The interface is far from ideal but after tinkering with it you can get something close to what you need. The straight gear in my design was custom designed to match a gear I mage with the spur gear generator script. Let me know if you have any other question I can answer!

How did u go about making the rack? been fildeling with the add-in, and found a tutorial online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khG4Zk5XZrw
I am fairly new to cad software so forgive me if this is kinda of dumb questions. I wanna try and make the same sort of system but i wanna mount the phone in an upright position so i need to make the rack longer and the "arms" shorter. The more i sit here and try to make sense of all this i'm beginning to think this might be to complex for me, hehe. i have posted a pic of my progress so far, but maybe you can give me some tips on the proces of making the "arms"? or maybe some online resources i could look to for information, any help is greatly appreciated.

I basically took one tooth from the spur gear and created the proper spacing in a straight line for the rack. Sorry for the delay in response! I'll take a look at you progress right now. Let me know if you have any further progress or any specific problem I can help you get through.