Fimi X8 SE gimbal protector

by mroek Jun 10, 2019
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Amazing design, can't wait until it's finished printing!

Thanks! I hope you'll be happy with the result!

I am printing this using ABS, but keep having an issue with layer separation. When I go to use the "clips" on the side and flex them, the layers separate and crack. Is anyone else having this issue? Are they too thin?

They are not too thin, but using ABS is very tricky. If you don't have your printer specifically tuned for it, and have a closed heated chamber, it is very difficult to get good and strong prints. ABS warps easily, and layer separation (or weak layer adhesion) is the result.

Is there a specific reason for you to want it in ABS? PLA is much easier to deal with, and works just fine for this application.

No specific reason for ABS other than I am trying to use that since it is a stronger material in high temps (e.g. stored in the car, etc)
I can try to print in PLA and see how it goes.
Oh, and BTW: It is a REALLY nice design! Good job!

It is great deisgn! Very accurate. I learn from you. Thank you.
Can you share how did you designed this item? Software? Some scanning?

No scanning, but I do use photos as canvases in the design software (Fusion 360) for guidance. Other than that I use a caliper to take measurements. Many prototypes (sometimes just part of the design) must be printed to test fitment. It is an iterative process, and it is a lot of work.

Good luck with your future design work!

Many thanks, you are helpful

Any chance you have anything in the works for a shield for sunlight? I've thought about it and thought about it, I just can't seem to come up with a design that's modular and would work across the board with all phones. Maybe do one that slides for phones, or could be scaled for length / width depending on the phone / tablet?

So far I like your designs. The cover I printed in orange to remind me to take the thing off. Antenna boosters in white, turned out amazing! Thanks!

Edit: also wanted to add that I put this camera cover on right after flight and into the box it went (modified the box it came in, cut out a piece so this cover fits), and the heat from the drone caused this piece to warp some (Just wanted to mention it to people, not a big deal)

I just released a sun shade for the X8 controller:


You can check if that suits your requirements. As of now, the images don't work, probably because Thingiverse backend is overloaded (or just slow), but I guess that will correct itself.

Fimi X8 sun shade
by mroek

Awesome!! Almost a shame as I could of really used this at the beach on vacation, but at least it's here now (left on 7/31, just got back). Going to print it tonight. Thanks a ton!!!

I really like your work and attention to detail mroek, I have sent you a tip that I hope is adequate for you. I downloaded not only this gimbal protector but your leg extensions and the antenna signal booster as well. Thanks and keep up the great posts here and the forums.

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Hello there! Any suggestions on best computer software for 3D printing? I'm thinking of 3D printing as a hobby.

Not sure if you mean for designing or for slicing?

For designing you have lots of choices, but I would suggest you spend the time to learn a proper tool, and in my opinion the best one that is free (for hobbyists and makers) is Autodesk Fusion 360.

For slicing there are also a lot of options, but the best free ones (IMO) are PrusaSlicer, Cura and Craftware (in no particular order).

Thank you very much for your suggestions. It'll be a great help.:D

I'm not a designer, but could you make the front face look like something from Star Wars? That would just be the most amazing thing, to complete this quad's Empirical vibe. I saw some stormtrooper heads here in thingverse that would look amazing as a fusion

I get what you mean, and it is probably possible to do, but that would mean the gimbal protector would extend further out than the front of the drone. That's not ideal, I think. I'll think about it, though.

Where can i buy one of these protectors for my FIMI X8 se

Your best option is to find a friend/colleague with a printer that can print one for you. You can of course also get one printed at an online print service, but that will be quite expensive. Maybe you have a makerspace close to you as well? Worth checking.

I'm a maker and a customer aks me to buy a printed protector. I ask you for an authorisation to sell it. Is a 3$ tip could be OK for you ?

Hello, I am interested in printing this and your extension legs, can you tell me what material do you used? do you think PLA will work?

Yes, PLA will work, no problem. The extension legs are pretty thin (to be as lightweight as possible), so they could of course break, but then just print new ones. :-)