Improved Customizable Phone Case

by thingiverse Jun 20, 2014
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I'm sure its a long shot since this is more than a few years old, and has been pretty dormant... but....

Any chance of updates? i would love to be able to use this for the Pixel 3, and Pixel 3XL.

very impressive modeling and customization, truly. this is an awesome model creator!!

The code for this needs to be fixed for the custom bottom port x position to work.

Currently it is:

custom_bottom_port_pos = [custom_top_port_x_position, 0];

which needs to be changed to:

custom_bottom_port_pos = [custom_bottom_port_x_position, 0];


what Iphone does this work for??? Does it work for the 5S

ı want to draw another phone case things how draw?which programme ? please help

fusion 360 is the best for that

Finally, a custom case that works (hopefully)! But it's directly by Thingiverse so I suspect it works.

any iphone 6 update?

Does anyone else has a problem changing Custom Bottom Port X Position? It doesnt work at all

thank you allot fitted perfecty ;)

hey I have blu dash c music and a Samsung exhilarate. im a big spurs fan can you help with making this casehttp://www.thingiverse.com/thing:331983/#comments for those too phones I can send pics of the phones im new to 3d printers please help you can write me at [email protected]

Iphone 5 Spurs case

Opened this up in openSCAD. Amazing code work. I'm currently learning and I'm nowhere near this level.

Please upload a make if you're the first to customize this for iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Comments deleted.

Appears to be only for Iphones.

I am new to 3D printing. The other items I have downloaded from Thingerverse were .stl files. This is a SCAD file. Do I use the source? And put that into MakerWare? Thanks for the help?

If you click the 'Open in Customizer' button, above, you can create your own custom .STL file and download it.

This is something I am going to feature on http://cell-phonetracker.comcell-phonetracker.com. Really super cool. I'm new to this whole thing of 3D printing so this really impresses me.

Very cool, I printed a case for my sisters iPhone. However I would like to know where people with other models are supposed to find all of these dimensions.
I want to make one for my HTC One M8, but I don't even know where to start with finding what my measurements are.
Is there some sort of repository for this kind of stuff?

I'd start by tracking down the manufacturer's page. They should have detailed specs.

What about the ability to upload your own stencil image as a vector file? .eps or other?

Impressed with the custom controls tab - have been thinking about building a similar generalized phone model for a while that I think would be useful to a lot of designers out here, specifically those of us who work in openSCAD. If it's simple enough, would be very cool if these were published as a library people could bring in to model phones in other accessories - possible?

yeah, I've been pretty taken with that way of organizing the controls for complex things. Customizer is a great tool for exposing just a few controls, thus making 3D design more approachable and fun, but it also has to opportunity to expose deep customization. The challenge is to find a good way to present the controls... Simple Defaults + Toggleable Custom Settings is the best way I've found to handle the problem thus far... Towards the end of building a library, I've also been thinking about that... This is an attempt to unify the Apple case designs so they are more parametric. Doing the same with even a selection of android phones and windows phones is a pretty daunting challenge (to do really well) especially since it's kind of hard to find good blueprints of non Apple phones and I don't have most phones to test on, but we could crowd source solving that problem by seeing what phones other folks have that this case can be adapted to fit! If people find good settings for other phones it's easy as pie to add those phones as presets in the dropdown menu :D If you do find setting that work for your phone, post in the comments with a link to your remix with an image or a make showing the case on your phone and I'll try to add them to the dropdown list. Links to detailed blueprints for other popular phones is also appreciated if you know a good place to find them.

Its certainly a nice customizable item, but its description is just really bad. Almost any phone??? Is that what we call 20% of all phones now?

I think they're talking about the custom dimensions tab. that would allow you to make a case for most phones.