Audi RS5 DTM Steering Wheel

by Albertotron Jun 12, 2019
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thank you very much to albertron for sharing the file in original format and being able to make the plate in carbon fiber ....
We need to finish, but this is taking shape.

Thank you

It's coming along really nice. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Have you tried to see if it actually engages? The comment before you says it works and I've tried it on a T300 and it worked fine. It's an M56x6.5 thread, same as the Thrustmaster.

Hi Alberto. Do you mind uploading the file for back cover of the wheel? It's missing. Thanks

Which back cover? I just checked and all the files are there.

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Hello, the Thrustmaster adapter is wrong. The Thread distance is too far.

I just printed and tried on the t300. the thread is ok

Can you post a picture?

Will this work on a PS4? Thanks for sharing!

Does that have the original size?

What do you mean?

The handle size and the steering wheel diameter? Have until now only the handles printed and it seems a little too small. Or am I tinkering with something? But looks like a great job

When printing the steering wheel template find an option that says "full scale" or scale it 100%. As for the handles, can you take a measurement of the holes? The smallest holes on the handles should be around 3.5mm. I sliced the stl and the handles look fine on my end. Thank you for being interested.

Come on 3mm. Then just fool me. Think it's great that you share it freely with others. Top thanks

It doesn't have to be exactly 3.5mm since the first layer can get squished. If the handles fit nicely on the template then you have nothing to worry about.

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whole wheel base file?

This is everything. I didn't include the wheel base stl because it's not supposed to be 3D printed. It would waste a lot of material and would not be strong enough. You need to use either a sheet of carbon fiber or aluminum. I might include a file later on so that people with a CNC machine can cut their material but first I need to see what file they use.

yes I agree
I have to cut the aluminum foil manually ...
I wanted the whole sheet, so I don't have the right side and the left side.

It won't fit on a single sheet, that's why it is in two pieces. Just line up the two holes in the center and tape the two pieces together.

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