18650 Battery Cover

by Oliman383 Jun 13, 2019
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Thanks Oliman.

I will post my print as soon as I do it.

Awesome, looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Do you have a large enough printer to print it in one piece? Or are you splitting it up? I ended up building a custom 3D printer just to fit this print.

I have a modded Tronxy X5SA-400.
So It will not fit your design in one go, but I will try to rework it in a smaller size.

You can use the cut() function to slice up the model. I left an example in the code.
If you set the "debug = true" flag then it will render a box to show you exactly where the model will be sliced.

That said, it's probably easier to use MeshMixer to slice up the model, just thought I would mention the above because that's the method I used in the past.

And congrats on your powerwall. => I am Sholphin02 on second life storage.

Yeah i've seen that.
Thanks Oliman but so far, I reworked your design to fit my printer and my needs.
I did 40p and 80p packs.

Those look great!

Thanks for sharing the progress. I especially like the 40p one, looks like a completely different model being so compact.
Ohh and I'm glad to hear you you're Sholphin02. I wouldn't have ever bothered posting the battery covers if you hadn't asked. So I'm glad you were able to make use of them so fast.

Looks like there are a few other people around here who might print some battery covers as well, so maybe we'll see some cool pictures or improvements on the design down the road.