Animated Optical Illusion

by Synchron Aug 3, 2010
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Is someone reading this?
The video u linked to, and the idea itself works if the two images are one above the other, like sheets. It is a common 6 step animation.
Now if u wanna produce it as 3d u're gonna have issues. If u use this method with a distance between the two sheets you'll gonna have problems in visualizing the animation properly.
In order to have proper animations with no direct contact between the sheets, u have to realize the stale ratio (factor) of the two images proportionally to the distance that stands between the two sheets.
If u check this vid, u can see the two sheets have different sizes due to the distance between the table top and the printed image on the floor.
By identifying the scale ratio we'll be able to produce any animation without sliding anything.
Help is welcome in order to solve the problem.

can u try to make that a 3-d print model
it would make me happy :)

You English is better than my German!

That youtube video was very cool. Did you make that?

No, its not mine. I saw it in a scienceblog.


As i saw this video i though, that i had to make such a picture by myself. and then i made the java Programm "Anoptillum.jar" where you can make this thigs out of jpg or png.