Gameboy Color Battery Cover

by otaku Dec 6, 2012
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Worked amazingly. I printed it on its side to avoid breaking the small parts when removing it from the print surface. Kinda odd to have to print the model at 1000% but the fit is damn near perfect and it's nice to have a battery cover again after 15 years with my broken one taped on

Print shows up as a 1.21x5.98x4.36..... tiny!!

I printed it sideways so the latch wouldn't break off when removing the supports. Works and fits perfectly.

How are you printing this?

I have printed 2 and both broke.

turn it 90 degrees on its side.

everytime i load it the scale is to the size and its micro i was just wondering to what scale do i need to put it as like what is the actual size of it

For some reason, the file I uploaded once it hit Thingiverse it shrunk. it seems you have to transform it 1000%

let me know if this works, sorry for it not being to scale, something changed as about a year ago it was OK, that STL was just fine.

printing one for my purple gbc in green filament for that sweet color combo

Printing a purple back for my silver gameboy even though I have a purple gameboy that is the exact same color as the filament.

Hi what's the dimensions of this?

Cant remember exactly but it fits the GBC nicely, also I used Makerbot's software to slice.

Printed one without supports and it came out pretty well, but I'm going to do a second one with supports as the bottom had some issues. Still fits on the back of my game boy color.

It's on here already, but just so people know. Scale it to 1000% to size it right.

Hi, thanks for printing it hope it helps. And not sure why some ppl have to scale it. Might have to re-visit the Original file and check.


Hi, thanks guys for adding the dimensions.
I used the Makerbot slicer and it fits without resizing. It might be a scale thing.

Thanks, great model, fits almost perfectly on my GBC!

What are the complete dimensions?


I've downloaded the file but it seems that is in a lower size, I need to resize the model but I don't know how much, could you please tell me the exact scale resize?


Same issue here, in Cura the model is tiny

Hi, Not sure what you are using to slice?
I used makerware and the file is set to the actual size, so there is no rescaling that I or other people I've seen on their prints.

If it helps just make sure that the battery cover is 6 cm long.


Great model by the way, printed it off for a friend and got me a heap of brownie points :)

I ended up working it out, changed the scale in Cura from 1.0 to 10.0 and it worked fine (my bad for not reading the instructions to increase the size to 1000%).

Thank you so much my battery case broke and the only way I could use it was to hold the batteries in place. Thank you

Is %1000 the proper size of the original cover?

I recon about 97%, not sure why you need it that accurate but it looks pretty good if you print print high.

I just want to make sure it fits :)

Ohh yeah, it will definitely fit, I use it with mine.

Otaku, could you use your elite skills to make a gba and a n64 expansion slot cover? They are all very similar and I stink at 3d modeling. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there a bit long time now, but finally got myself a N64, i will be modeling the cover soon. Not sure if you need it but It will happen soon. Sorry for the delay.


I don't have a physical cover so it would be hard to get the measurements for making something that will fit. For these battery covers even thought I had a spare one to work off of, it took me about 3 prints and messing around to get the final one to work.


i could mail you one if your game?

Sorry man, the trick is that you have to fit it to the console and see where you missed any tolerances. It's Probably cheaper getting one online if you really need one.

I did these just as a novelty but actually would have purchased it. I7m not great at 3D ether, and trust me it took me for ever to figure things out.

Just give it a try modeling it, and print in low quality till you are sure it will fit.

Cheers and hope it works out, really would like to see you give it a try.

Very nice! I was wondering how do you copy those relative complex curves and bends to your 3d modeling? I want to make a mount for my garmin etrex 20 gps but it has slight curves in different angels. I have no idea how to add these in my model. Do you have any suggestions?

I started making the easiest shape in Illustrator. After that brought in to 3D Max and modeled from there. I used a caliper to get every measurement. I printed the shape from illustrator on to paper to see if the shape fits. For the curvature it was really just measuring the battery cover from its lower possible point (without counting the hight of the clip) and measuring how high it bent. Trial an error bending it till it seemed right in the 3D model.

After that I printed a low quality in my replicator 2 for fitting and checking what I missed.
Took about 2 more prints to get it right.

Hope that helps.

You could take a picture of the profile and place it in the modeling software to sketch on.

good stuff, psp  Cover may be better,:)