Arduino Book Case for UNO / Net / Leonardo / Mega and DUE

by jasonwelsh Dec 6, 2012
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When I slice these parts with Simplify3D, the parts are messed up.

From what I can tell, the copied and pasted hinges and components of the models have outlines. Simplify3D sees these outlines as part edges. Printing either holder will result in a hinge that isn't connected to the part. The bread board basically falls apart as well into it's separate pieces. These components need to be merged in CAD into a solid before the STL is written, well IMO.

I haven't tried a different slicer yet, the merge perimeters helps, but the bread board still has issues. there isn't a hole in the middle of it like the .stl. Mine is printing solid as I told it to merge outlines into a solid.

I have so many issues with thingiverse files. If everything isn't exactly right, it's just wasted plastic.

I tried MS Model repair, made a mess the Arduino holder. Tried a different slicer, MatterContol. The part still doesn't look right, I'm not printing it again. Can you take a look at your recent version you have uploaded. I'm thinking it's just plain bad.

the holes for mounting extensions on bread board side like wheels (same that you mount wall) are spaced strange 5,14 from one side 2.8 from other. my bread boarf fits to thght and it bends whole part, if you could fix it it would be easyier for me to make my own block for 2 wheels extension and 4 macnum wheels, so in the future this design could be a kind of robotic "Lego"

Bumpers are now updated ;) There is a new DUE and a Mega

Ya the bumper is a easy fix no doubt. I'll work on it after this holiday madness is over with. Really working hard on the tank mod right now . Ever get like 10 different cool things going at once ? I think I passed 14 two days ago!

poke -- Due bumper :)

I have printed a complete lab. Here's the feedback:

The "bumper" for the Due

  • needs the same kind of "holes" that the one for the UNO has.
  • needs a "notch" to accomodate the Power, and USB ports

Is otherwise perfect, down to the sub-mm measurements!

The fit between the tongue and grooves in the treads is very, very tight. I think that either a wider groove, or a thinner tongue is needed here.

I am using 1.7mm PLA to print the box. The holes are approximately 3.5mm. A 1.8-2mm hole variant would probably been a Good Idea(tm)

And the pieces are -gorgeous-. I'll post mine as soon as I have the whole thing assembled. I went with cherry-red, translucent PLA for the breadboard and arduino holder, gold PLA for the hinges and side panels, and silver PLA for the box w/ lid.


I'm printing with the following parameters:

0.4mm nozzle
0.25 layer height
1 extra perimeter 
15% infill

On a Replicator, with SailFish accelerated firmware, at 120mm/sec

It's coming out nicely.  I mean "fun" as in "Thing thing is pretty and neat to watch as it prints."

About how much plastic do you estimate the entire build to take?

 hmm whats your Diameter of extrusion ?

mines .5
so I use
.3 layer height

Then a
.4 infill
1 perimeter


I guess if I had a definition for "fun" I can help you a little more.

I'm having fun printing this... what settings do you typically use?

Some amazing upgrades.  Its completely compatible with all Arduino builds with one print.  (except the bumpers).  It now has mounts for future pieces like the new power inputs and audio inputs panel.   It's an upgradable project case that can be adapted to whatever project you wish to take on. Watch the upgrade video in the project description for more info.

Added a Bumper to the DUE build

This now supports Arduino DUE.