Floating Cup (smoother look, foolproof assembly)

by bwaslo Jun 14, 2019
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Is anyone having issues printing this cup? I have tried 3 times and it is layer shifting on the Y axis in the same exact spot every time. I have also tried to reslice it with no success. Thanks

Imprimer sur ender-3 en 0.2 l’éclaboussure a 20% / la couler a 20% / et la tasse a 5%.
Je n'est pas modifier le positionnement des pièces dans cura, la tasse avec support partout, la couler en verticale avec support en contact avec le plateaux, et l’éclaboussure aucun support.
Tout c'est bien passer même pour l'assemblage .
Merci d'avoir partager ce sublime objet que je vais offrir pour ce Noel 2019.

I see no one has asked...why does the stream not keep to the inner contour of the cup like in other versions....makes it so difficult to glue together with that huge gap, I dont see the point, easier to print yes, put together NO

Weight and balance.

Try 5 minute epoxy glue (clear) and the "hang off the table" method. Ive done maybe a dozen of them, not difficult at all.

Does anyone know of a good wine glass/goblet model that would fit the stream well?

very beautiful creation
thank you

Does anyone have a link to the STL of the Skull cup? I need to do a Halloween gift.

That's very awesome work. Thanks for the links. I'll give this a go tonight.

It is allowed, under the Creative Commons - Attribution only license.

Excellent remix - thanks & instructions v useful ref. print infill - even though I was still top heavy

I also used a screw through base to fix the flow to the base - easier than pins - just countersink & pre-drill up and simple to get it fixed, also adds a bit more weight to base

Now going to use at desk at work to hold change for vending machine & some spare nuts/bolts for my machines that I need to keep as priority.

Thanks again

Having trouble slicing the pins in Cura- any one have same issue? It will slice if I orient them upright, but then that makes layer lines along the horizontal axis making them easily breakable when assembled. Any settings I can change? When I slice it only slices the skirt or raft.

should have it so it holds a real coffee mug instead of a printed one. that way you can keep a real mug by your coffee pot!
that would be LIT!

somebody get on this ;)

On CR10S stream and splash printed perfectly, but I'm having problems with cup, always failing about 50‰ through. I assume you're printing it in it's natural orientation.

Are you using supports for the handle?

Tried 10,15% infill.
What infill/shell recommended in Cura, going to try that as S3D hasn't worked. Ta

I print that in the given orientation, no supports, two perimeters (shell), 5% infill. Sliced it using PrusaSlicer. I've had issues printing the stream at times (when I had it arranged vertically) but not the cup. My printer does have a good part cooling fan and duct, maybe that's the difference?

Is the cup the same as the original? THe reason I ask is that I have the original cup printed, but after a few stream printing failures of the original, I put the project on the back burner. Your remix looks to be easier to print.

The cup file is the same as HappyMopn's.
The stream and splash parts are cut from his "whole water" file using meshmixer. The version of the stream that has the large end nearest the bed prints easiest (the other version can be challenging to get strong enough bed adhesion to hold it up until it reaches the supports later in the print. Doable, but more likely to fail)

Great. I'll have another go at it with the upside down stream. Thanks!

The stream file was updated not too long ago with a better orientation, has been much easier to print that way for me. It's for use with the "trapezoidal" pin, not the older square pins.

Stream files ( both ) have damaged mesh ( simplify 3d )

Thanks for the report.
Neither PrusaSlicer nor MeshMixer report any problems with the files and they print ok sliced by Slic3r. Not sure what I can do.
I don't use S3D so can't test with that, unfortunately.

[Edit: I tried an STL fixer service, see the Update notice in the description]

I believe you, but I still can't do anything about it. I'm not willing to buy S3D to try to correct an issue that (apparently) only S3D has with the files. Sorry. PrusaSlicer (or Slic3r or Cura) are free, perhaps try using one of those?

[Edit: I tried an STL fixer service, see the Update notice in the description]

Cura 4 slicer has the same defect, laterI will try with repetier host and slic3r.

Awesome design, congrats!! :D

OK, I ran the 'stream' files through an online STL file fixing service (see update note in description). See whether the 'REPAIRED' versions work with those slicers?


Now the repaired files works in cura slicer like a charm :).

Thank you and congratulations for the nice design!! :)

OK, thanks for the report

Beautiful model and concept. I am printing this now for my coffee shop at work!

Just an idea (I haven't tried printing out any version of these), but maybe if you're slicing with Cura, experiment with the "Gradual Infill Steps" setting when printing the "stream." That could make the upper parts (which are the bottom of the stream) heavier, possibly helping with the stability. Saw this used to twiddle the weighting in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3640869 and it definitely can make a difference.

Loaded D1 (single print)
by jepler

Thanks, it turns out there's a way to do that with Slic3r and PrusaSlicer also. I'm printing one now doing that. Doesn't really need it, the sculpture stands up ok as it is with the existing design changes that are in this Thing (and could even stand without them, though it didn't take too much to bump it over). But more stability makes it less likely to get knocked over where it might break off some of the more fragile pieces of the splash with some filaments. Most important are that the 'inside the cup' part be low infill and the splash be high infill (more weight)

Cool. Still haven't tried it myself, though I'm going to have to print out your earlier version and not this one. The "stream" here may be too tall for my printer (or maybe just my slicer thinks so); the other one is slightly shorter and appears to fit.

You could just scale it down to maybe 80%, whatever it takes to fit in your printer. Should be a slicer setting