Karambit Fixed

by Geoffro Jun 20, 2014
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Hi! my 2 halves are really hard to place together.. what material do you use?

they seem to be getting of curved..

Not sure what I am doing wrong. I can not get the hole in the handle it always prints filled in as a solid piece. I must be missing a step somewhere any ideas

love the fact that is prints in two parts, so i don't have to ruin it with supports

Perfect print ! Thanks alot, will upload picture later, im painting it right now :)

You should really get more credits for this, i tried printing the other two because it had the most makes, and i should have checked the files myself, but i didnt.. And then i see this perfekt sliced and it printed it out perfect.. :)

thank you :)

Hi, which infill should I use? rectilinear 100% is ok?

Sorry to bother you again:
Do i need to use Rafts???

Used rafts! Worked ok... Will post my results... Had problems with one of the STLs....

Hi, just out of curiosity... Is yours fixed better than http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:334812http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... ? because i had really bad problems with printing that one.. (The blade just wasn't connected to the rest...)
And also, if it is not too much too ask... Can you make an STL where both parts are actually together? So it is printable in one go? (That wasn't the problem.... It was just something wrong with the file of the "fixed" version)
I would be very happy!
Thanks in advance : )

Karambit CS:GO Knife (Repaired/Slic3r friendly)
by Psych0o

I didn't print that one because of the problems in the geometry, that's why I fixed my own. No matter how I sliced his the blade stuffed up as you said, so I took a full knife mesh and resplit it. Some people here think that by throwing a mesh into Netfabb you magically remove all of its errors - most of these models were never designed for printing. All Netfabb does is fill holes and beautify a mesh. It does not remove internal geometry attached to the surface geometry and sometimes fills holes where it shouldn't I fix all my meshes manually because I have better tools than netfabb. Happy to upload a full version, just need to find my template.

You have some really AWESOME designs mate!!!
I will make sure to print some of these and then finally put them up here too, which I always forget... Because i think you might be interested in the results...
Also I will look more into airbrushing, even though I was never that good with painting or being, well doing something creative... Maybe we can talk about that some time, if i get stuck... Or maybe you have some tips for me : )
Any by the way: Thanks for smoothing the Terminator Skull! I was always repelled to print it by its low-polyness... You do some pretty awesome work!

Thanks for the explanation! And yes, I agree, though i am very new to this, i suspected, that just running something through Netfabb won't fix everything... And of course they were not made for printing, which is why i am so glad someone like you did this so it could be printed, because I am not very skilled in this field myself...
I have to see how it turns out, but I will definitely try both: in one piece and your splitter version : )
Thank you for searching and uploading it, very nice of you!
BTW: What printer are you using? And I suspect that is ABS, because of the heated bed?
(I have a Replicator 2 with PLA)
Thanks again : )

Thank you, and as for airbrushing, tried it once, made a terrible mess. I use 2 or 3 different brushes and just a glass of water, a paper towel and some acrylic paints, whatever is left after the kids have attacked my paint box.

I do have pretty good equipment for airbrushing at hand, that is why i wanted to try it.... As it goes for "normal" painting, i am not very talented with a brush... or pen... or anything :D
I just thought you can reach everything nicely. A few moth ago I printed Super-Mario Statues for a Mario Kart Wii "Tournament" with some friends. Just sprayed them Gold, worked pretty good... But i agree, not for detail-stuff like you do... Something like the Darth Vader-helmet works, but nothing like his face...
We will see...
Thanks for all the answers, like i said, i will print a few of your designs :)