Another Mendel Inspired Drop-In Makerbot Y-Stage

by koenkooi Aug 4, 2010
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I have a create a device very good for 3D printer and CNC
I give you the dxf file but you have print for me 3 of this device for my CNC

Is this compatible with the cupcake as well?

For which rod size can this design be used? I have a quite new Makerbot that uses rod sizes of about 9.6mm. And I have plenty of 623 bearings. Can this design be adapted to fit on my makerbot? Can you help me with this?

Thanks so far!

This is great- loads quiter and it seems slightly cleaner prints too!

My only gripe is that I'm having an issue of losing some y-travel where the carriage approaches the y-bearing and the belt widens, increasing tension in the belt.

I think this could be solved by splitting the belt to allow the bearing to sit further back but this seems a little drastic as I'm not sure I could reliably clamp the two belt ends in place.

Anybody else found this and/or come up with a less drastic solution?

Wow - this makes printing a LOT quieter!!

Constructive critisism: On my batch 12, the left set of bearings could go over to the left another mm, no problem - that'd make it easier to get at the magnets on that side, which were a pain. Also, if somebody comes up with an X stage version of this, please feel free to move the Y rods further a
part - that would make it easier to get at the stuff underneath and give the belt a little more breathing room.

The updated the design has the bearings half a mm to the left :) It also adds some strengthening: http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/4938500614/http://www.flickr.com/photos/k...

Any one working on making a mendel inspired X-stage? these are way more efficient then the makerbot stock ones...

i have been trying but failing. i have been working on cutting this part in half and bolting each part to a piece of scrap bamboo to span the 2 rods. i am really struggling with the 3d apps though so it takes me forever to design things. if i could hand draw it in 3d on a sheet of paper or in photoshop then print it i could make some cool stuff fast. but i cant so i dont.....

i have also been poaching STL parts from the fully printed makerbot on here and putting them together in sketchup to try to make each end of the x stage a single part that supports the Y rods. I am hoping that someone can whip something up because the y stage upgrade has been really great and VER
Y quiet.

yeah, I think this upgrade is awesome, and something like it for the X-stage would make everyhting quiet and smooth. I also strugle with the 3D design, I sure understand your pain, welcome to the team! I take forever to design simple things, what really makes me mad. =-X

Can you send a pic with the belt in place? I am not sure where and how to place it...



thats how i did mine. i put a m4 nut under the belt and cut the bolt to exactly the right length that spans the top of Y shaped parts.

printed it last night.

totally blew it on the model placement.... i printed this laying down when its supposed to be standing up.

it worked out awesome in the end. completely flat smooth build platform.


Have you printed this and tried it out??

Overhangs didn't work, update stl with 30 degree overhangs.

Printing it right now, but the bearings won't arrive till late next week, so testing will have to wait :(

When the print is finished I'll make some changes if some of the overhangs don't come out properly.