Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Interstellar Space Jarhead - Ground Plunderer

by outofstep Jun 21, 2014
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Your Video has been highlighted on PRINT 40k!

1)Can you please make a dual assault cannon as optional to the front bolter weapon?
2)Can you make the cover of the front bolter weapon as a diffirent object as you did with the mount base?

Landraider assault cannon mod

I am printing this right now. Excellent work. However, I have found that the exhaust_cut.stl isn't lying completely flat.

Hi, I hope you're still reading these comments! Looks fantastic! Is this model 1:1 scale to the Games Workshop Land Raider? For example, can you use GW parts on this?

this bleeds awesome. fantastic resolution on the gun models

Very nicely done. The only suggestion I have is to split the mid section into a top, back bottom and front. For ease of printing and to make an interior.

There were acouple of things I was thinking about doing. I for sure need to make some "alignment pegs" that let the sides slot into the center. Like how the Russ models have. The same with going back and doing that for my chimera model as well. Hadnt thought of hollowing it out. I'd have to see what the interior of a real landraider looks like. It would be cool to have the front hatch openable so that marines/termies could pour out of it.
Do you have the "line" app on android/ios? I'd like to get the folks on here working on 40k stuff, into one room together. Get some collaboration going on.

That'd be awesome actually. A forum board might be the easiest way to do that though.

Great just what I wanted :)

Sir you have won the internet with this model! Very impressive! Is this completely from scratch designed by you?

this is the first 40k tank I've seen which has some decent quality in details.
Thank you for sharing these amazing files