Linear edge nozzle: brass nozzle insert for better heat transfer and faster printing

by madewithlinux Jun 18, 2019
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This looks really cool, is there any downside to it?

For those wondering, it is only $12.50 for this in unpolished brass on shapeways (plus shipping I suppose).

With my current design, it makes the nozzle tip about 1mm further out than it should be, so you may need to adjust your Z endstop. I haven't tested retraction yet, but my theory is that I can get away with even smaller retraction than I used to have, and that larger retraction values may even damage it.

If you use one, I'd love to hear your experiences with it!

I'm on the fence to add this since my ender3 is working well right now (and that has not always been the case). My delta on the other hand is a candidate once I get it working again. Really like this idea though, I just am not the early adopter sort, but for $12.50 it is not a great risk :D

One thing I just noticed on the model is that the chamfer at the top of the insert, is not on the nozzles I have on hand (they have no chamfer on the hole where the filament enters). Mentioning that since often that type of thing (chamfer or no chamfer) may be been a design choice on the nozzles earlier on, possibly to minimize gaps between the nozzle and the heatbreak. The hole on the 1.75mm filament nozzle which I checked is 2mm. I measured the top of the chamfer on the insert model at 2.6mm in diameter, and the hole at 2.0mm. I can see how it will help guide the filament in, but I assume this is supposed to be used with a 1.75mm heatbreak so it shouldn't need the ramp to guide the filament into the nozzle.

I know with this being in brass, you probably don't want to iterate the design much since it ain't cheap, but if you want to drop the STEP file I can remove the chamfer, and then I may order one. Fair warning though, I'm slower than a sloth with a hangover when it comes to getting motivated to work on my delta lately (but I am close), so it may be some time for me to test it.

I think I've already got a step file on here, can you see it?
Yep, the chamfer on top is intentional (at least on my part), as that was in the E3D diagram https://e3d-online.dozuki.com/Document/rWuaQCQsJTlRdB1k/V6-NOZZLE%28Edition-8.1%29.pdf I agree it seems like it might not be 100% necessary, but I assume E3D put it there for a reason, so I replicated it.

One thing I would be mindful of is that the tip angle on E3D nozzles is 60 degrees (which I have designed for), but I believe most other nozzle types use 45 degrees. So that, and the overall length, is more things you may want to change.

Doh! I missed the STP file, thanks!

That explains why none of my nozzles have the chamfer (I'm too cheap to buy E3D nozzles usually). Makes sense to use those if only for the fact that E3D provides a drawing, and will be consistent. Thanks for pointing out the tip angle too, it did not occur to me that they would be different. I'm gonna go ahead and order it - do you have a suggestion on the nozzle size (I was planning to go with a 0.4mm)?

Judging by E3D's nozzle diagram, the nozzle size doesn't change any other dimensions. I used the standard 0.4mm and it worked great for me.

I received the nozzle insert from Shapeways today, and I received the 3mm (0.4mm) nozzle from E3D a couple days ago. It looks great and, again this could be a really cool improvement! The part I received fits like a glove in the 3mm nozzle, and am really impressed that Shapeways can make something this tiny and yet it looks very accurate. I attached some pics, some were taken though a loupe, and the first one shows a 1.75mm filament inserted into the insert.

Like I mentioned though, I am buried in projects right now, so won't be able to test it too quick. However the good news is that the delta printer it is intended for is finally working correctly, for the most part, and the next thing I have planned for it is this nozzle and maybe a new BMG extruder (not sure which will be first).

Oh man that does look amazing! I think yours might even have a better surface finish than the one I got (or it might be the loupe photography).
Keep me updated, I'm excited to hear how fast the BMG can push it! I think my extruder stepper is underpowered, I'll bet you can break 200mm/s easy!

Really sorry, I have been busy trying to just get my printers working (they are in a hot garage and will sometimes print, sometimes not - mostly not). The heat is making them unreliable I think. I am having to find a solution to that (enclosure) so things have been rolling very slow.

Oh, no problem, don't worry about it!