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by nikdak65 Jun 18, 2019
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makes one of those for Rock Pi 4 he plays videos in 4k 60 FPS, the challenge is the space for the heat sink beneath him

Hi Sam,

Are you asking me to figure out something for you?


I liked this model, but it does not fit in Rock Pi 4 because its processor is down, so it needs some modifications to fit the Rock Pi 4, it has a big sink on the bottom.
Search for photos about ROck Pi 4 that you will see.
I think you would have to buy one to be able to take the measurements to make the case.

lol what wierd way to do marketing / sell one is this rofl :P sorry had to say that, u tell him to do one for your specific case, this guy is kind of nice and asks you "if u need somthing" and instead of give .... i dont know, may be some numbers, a web with info, measuraments.. or a 3D design already done.., AND give thanks only for the kind answer but instead you already telling him he has to buy one for what you need.. what tha fffffffff :'DDD rofling so hard

I have so many pi's I don't need anyone to try to get me to buy another, even if it is so amazingly awesome you HAVE to have it, I'm very cynical and hate advertising of any kind.......Unless it's me advertising it ;-)

I did not understand, I asked to make a version that accepted the compatibility with Rock Pi 4. Both have the same size and dimensions what changes is on the bottom, that's what I meant, I wanted him to do. I mentioned the problem of getting the measurements because I could not find the measurements of the board with the heatsink.
I think that was clear. I'm not paid to do anybody's marketing.

Hi Sacueka,

I have included the 123dx file in the downloads section so that the design is editable, therefore, you should be able to make the pi stand offs taller to accommodate the Rock Pi 4, depending on how much taller they are, you'd have to make the top of the case taller by the same amount. I made the lid for mine from opaque acrylic which is why I didn't include it with the design but I will add the lid to the download section now. Obviously, the lid mounting holes will need to be moved up too. Another thing I do quite often if I'm unsure if something will fit, is to chop just the bit of the drawing out that your concerned about and print just that part, you don't waste as much filament and it takes less time.

Hope that helps


Thank you nikdak65 for your help
I had not thought about doing the cut at the most critical points, I liked the tip

Also, forgot to say, the holes for the power, HDMI and Audio Out will need to be moved up by the same amount as the increase in height for the stand offs.If you have any difficulties, I'll redraw it for you.

I'm hoping to get the heatsink from china I bought without it yet, there's still no way I can do it without his measure.

Hi Sacueka, why don't you just get a Pi 3 Model B+ You can never have too many Pi's!


I already have Pi 3 Model B+