Accurate Dalek Model from Doctor Who

by Audrey2 Jun 21, 2014
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This is fantastic, but no eye stalk, plunger stalk or gun! how did you do those? I have started a print but would really like to ensure I am going to be able to complete it. Did you use other parts or were they 3d printed too?
Many thanks.

Could you tell me how many cm tall this would be if printed at 100%? Also if I scale up everything by the same amount would it all still fit together?

Looks to me that it's ~12ish inches tall according to the picture with a ruler...

Approximately how much material do I need for this? I'm not sure if I have enough material. And what is the height of this model ?

Do you have this file as a single merged file? I am printing it too small to print all the parts?

i'm having a hard time getting the slats to print well. anyone have settings suggestions for an i3 style printer? tried with s3d and with cura. keeps coming out really messy...

Are they wobbling? They're rather tall and thin, so I'd definitely recommend a raft for them!

I have this all printed out; however, I am just not sure how to assemble the suction cup assembly, gun assembly and eye stalk assembly. I believe some of the pieces did not print correctly and I will need to re-print them; however, instructions would help identify those issues.

Kindest Regards,

Om working on this now. For maiming what is the color you used for the main body? You got a good match to the real thing. I tried a metallic rust but it is to dark unfortunately.

I just painted it. Any bronze paint should work well enough as the TV prop colours change every other day it seems.

currently printing at 250% scale, looks great, big enough to RC the entire model, I have extra 8 channel receivers and a pile of servo's, My be a skid steer system of movement... I will post pics when I am done, thanks for posting!

What Scale is this compared to a life size Dalek?
Asking for a project, building a half Scale Dalek and need to 3d print the shoulders and dome...
So what percentage should I scale it up by?

It's 1/10 scale, so if you needed full size dalek parts, scale it up 10 times! :)

This is just the most degree of awesomeness I can handle at one time and space! Insanely cool model!

Did you use some kind of filler, bondo or something. Or is the finish just paint? I'm almost done printing the parts, next step is finishing and paint (and installing some level of awesome gadgetry inside ;-) ) 200% is kinda on the large side of the scale, loving every step of the print!!

Glad you like it! I'm actually working on 2.0 which should be even better!

To finish the model I used a spray-filler, which I then lightly sanded back to remove the 3D printed look and then painted. Put up your print when it's done, I can't wait to see it! :)

What could make this model better? Can't wait to see what you have done! Hmm, do I need to scale up the next model, 200% is on the big side but 400% would be bigger!!

I will put up a few pictures when I'm done, there are just to many projects at once!

What will be your next model after Dalek 2.0? A Cyberman? (Please)

Can you draw the light solid? I am able to print a solid one, but I cant do the hollow version. Thanks

I have issues with the Eye as well, one of the parts is only printed 50%

What do you use for the eye stalk, plunger stalk and the main barrel of the gun. and the fins on the outside of the gun?

I have everything except these items

Same here - would be nice to use what you have designed - unless you used something not 3D printed

I 3d printed the gun parts, but the stalks are 3d printer filament, 3mm in diameter (I did 100% scale, if it was bigger my printer could print the stalks). I will upload the extra parts tonight in a remake when home from work.

I drew these myself as the the person who drew it never got back to me

My Reaction: *crying from seeing this thing's sheer awesomeness

Excellent work nice to see it shared outside the Project Dalek Fraternity - Ferrain (PDF).

This is amazing, thanks for sharing!