by extreme3Dprint Jun 21, 2019
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Very nice! I first read about this in your Reddit post. In there you mentioned printing the top separate because it didn't fill in properly.

I'm going to assume {AHEM} that you're using Cura, if not you might try it for this model. There's a little known setting in Cura that allows you to change areas of your model to different settings for different areas of the model. You can change about anything; speed, infill, flow rate, you name it.

It's perfect for fixing a "naughty" area of a print. Here's a link to a Youtube vid that shows it's use for selecting infill to be different in different places in the print, one of the better videos on the subject, but there are more out there. Might take a peek, it's worth the 5 mins!


EDIT: OOPS! Forgot the link! LOL!

Cool . Thanks for advice. Ill definitely try it. Im using one setting and same speed for whole model.. I cut the top part just for testing but I print the whole thing at once. Usually I try to print hardest parts first because its working loop between 3D MAX / Slicer / Print.. until its all good.

Awesome file but please remove the text. Not all slicers have a nice way to remove it and I had to go into meshmixer and remove the letters one at a time which was kind of tedious. Will post the result from my SLA printer!

Done. New version 2.0 is little bit better.