A-FRAME Bird house

by APC514 Jun 22, 2019
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Why do you open more than one door the bird need only one?
It's nice idea I think I will print it soon

I would advise looking at the guidelines of the RSPB

I made a new feeder from scratch. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3964983 suggesting the appearance of it. but it has different dimensions and wall angle.
dimensions 15cm x15cm x 17cm
the bird can sit in front of the 5.3 cm hole
I strengthened the attachment, with a string or thick wire.
there are two versions. for one string or four strings, so that the house does not sway.
The walls of the house are 2mm.
you can reduce the printout to 80% size 12cm x 12cm

Bird feeder Bird house
by LeFan

The future of roof building!!

Small birds have different claws, in my opinion You must add small hole/places for small stick horizontally.
Sparrows need a soft ground to sit on, not hard edges.
The second problem is to ensure that large birds do not eat food (e.g. pigeons), it is best to add security outside.

Thanks for the comment, the bird house has been sitting outside for a few months now. Small birds have no problem resting on the edge from what I've seen - large bird can't enter because of the small holes.

Just curious, is it sitting on something or hanging? Thanks

Looks like it even features great landing spots for the ubiquitous squirrel!

Easy to print and simple design, but you should consider editing the loop on top of it, that is the weakest part of that file.
There should be a hole on top, a few millimeters big, so you can take a cord, make a knot and insert it from inside out on top.
This way it will last much longer outside.

And it could also be an A-shape?!

Fantastic design! My kids are so excited to have this printed.
Just scale it up to human size and you could be selling them as one of those tiny houses- LOL

Roofs, printed then lifted and installed. Maybe even use clay with carbon for lightness. PLA/wood then spray a protectant. 1 inch nozzle.

Such an easy but smart design : )

super design, could you make the string loop/hook stronger?

If you like to have the holes around 3.8 cm diameter you have to scale the whole thing down to (xy): 12 cm x 12 cm

Or rescale the holes with a 3D-editor like Blender.

I will print this thing in 12 cm x 12 cm x 12.73623 cm (70.42 % scale, Cura says) and will post my make. So you will have a feedback on the scales in real print and measures in about 17 hours.

The dimensions of this thing unscaled are (checked via Blender):

Whole thing: 17.04 cm x 17.04 cm x 18.085 cm
One hole: ~5.38 cm diameter

What a clever and simple way to make a support-free birdhouse!

Suggestion scale ?

Take a look at information regarding appropriate hole sizes for bird houses, like available at https://suncatcherstudio.com/uploads/birds/birdhouses/birdhouse-hole-size/images/birdhouse-entrance-size.gif, and adjust accordingly.